Steamboat Springs Schools

Nestled in the northwest corner of Colorado and home to approximately 12,000 permanent residents, the Steamboat Springs school system more than exceeds expectations for a town of our size. Understanding that a strong educational system is important in attaining the full development of our children, we wanted to outline the available options for education in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Elementary School

Beginning with elementary school, children are separated into two separate school districts. Helping to maintain small class sizes and promote interactivity with teachers, this allows for strong foundations of education to be fostered at a young age. Based on the location of your home, you will either be part of the Strawberry Park or Soda Creek Mountain school district. Both include excellent schools, equal in their ability to nurture and teach young children.

Conveniently located downtown, the Emerald Mountain School (K-8, private) offers a curriculum designed to inspire and promote intellectual curiosity, creativity, and individual growth through the integration of academics, the arts, hands-on learning, field trips, and a variety of enrichment activities. They attract families and children of diverse backgrounds who value and support excellence in education and who want to play a role in that education.

Middle School

For the sixth year in a row, Steamboat Springs Middle School was recognized as a John Irwin School of Excellence, receiving an A+ rating and ranking 7th out of 491 middle schools in the state of Colorado based on its students' performance on the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program. "With high expectations from staff, students excel academically, socially and emotionally." SSMS is located in Strawberry Park and currently has 520 students between 6th-8th grades.

High School

With three different high schools, students and their parents are afforded the opportunity to pick the school that best matches the desires and learning styles of the student.

Steamboat Springs High School is home to approximately 650 students, and is dedicated to academic achievement and community involvement. The school's goal with each student is to "Inspire; Share a passion for exploring meaningful ideas; Promote intellectual agility and life-long learning; Maximize individual talents; Foster confidence; Respect diversity in all forms; Provide a safe and trusting environment; and Develop emotional intelligence, social engagement and community involvement."

Steamboat Mountain School (9-12, private) is a co-ed boarding school, well-known for their intense college-preparatory classes which help prepare students for education at a higher level. Integrating into their academic curriculum with a heavy emphasis on winter sports and an annual foreign travel trip. Whiteman students find success in the classroom while enjoying many activities outside of it. With notable graduates such as Johnny Spillane and Pep Fujas, future Olympic athletes and X-Games competitors grace the halls and dorms on a regular basis.

With a mission statement as follows, it is easy to see how this school has been instrumental in changing the lives of its students. "Through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, challenging wilderness experiences, a premier winter sports program, and unique foreign travel opportunities, the Steamboat Mountain School fosters the personal growth of its students, preparing them to succeed in advanced study, to serve as passionate stewards of our human and natural worlds, and to pursue responsible, creative lives."

Schools Outside Steamboat

Hayden School District

North Routt Community Charter