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*As of November 16, 2020

Single Family Homes

-Silver Spur Home: 4+ Bedrooms 

-Downtown Home: $800k or less, 3+ Bedrooms

-Home with caretaker unit in Fish Creek, Mountain Area, Downtown, or Tree Haus: $1.4m or less

-Home within biking distance to town: $800k or less, 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathroom (a townhome is also a possibility)

-Tree Haus Home 

-Fish creek home $1.8-2.5M - 3-5 bedrooms


-Rockies condo: 2 Bedrooms

- Eagle ridge 4-5 bedroom end unit with a 2 car  garage

-Trappeurs Crossing or Phoenix condo: $430k or less, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms

-Villas at Walton Creek: Bottom floor, 2 Bedrooms

-Quiet townhome in the Mountain Area: 2-car garage, 3+ Bedrooms, $700k-$1.2m 

-First Tracks condo: 2 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms

-Storm Meadows townhome or other ski in/ski out property: $900k or less, 3 Bedrooms

-Trailhead Lodge condo: 2 Bedroom with den

-Villas at Walton Creek or Quail Run: 450k or less, 2 Bedrooms/ 1.5 or 2 Bathrooms

-Subalpine condo or similar property: 3 Bedrooms

-Townhome or condo in Fish Creek or Mountain Area: $650k or less, 3 Bedrooms, prefer a garage

-Condo in Mountain Area near the Base Area: $700k or less

-Townhome in Fish Creek, Mountain Area, or West End: Garage, 3+ Bedrooms

-Condo in Mountain Area: Rental potential, $350k or less, not a fixer-upper 

-Villas at Walton Creek: Any unit with 2 Bedrooms 

-Any townhome: Between $500k-750k


-Lot in North Routt, Gore Pass, or Oak Creek: 20+ Acres, $1m or less, remote with trees

- Land - Mountain or fish creek - lot with great views. 400-800k

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