Great Marketing Sells Homes

The Steamboat Group provides a comprehensive digital & traditional marketing strategy to sell your home. Our approach includes targeted online advertising to buyers looking at your home right now.

Don't let selling your property in Steamboat be a daunting task. You need someone who can give you advice on how to prepare your home, then reach more active buyers and not just list it in the MLS. The Steamboat Group has what it takes to get homes sold fast and for the highest value.

The Importance of Design when Selling Your Home

Design Matters.

Beautiful content on the web and in print catches a buyer's attention. We feature your home in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd. Design does matter! And we know how to make your home shine.

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We have helped more than 206 families in 2021 and are on pace to help more than that in 2022.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

We Actively Market Your Home.

We have proprietary systems in place to identify buyers and connect our agents with them. Your home will be displayed on some of the most popular websites around the world to people currently searching.

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Whether it's a $200k condo or a $3M home we dedicate more people and invest more money into selling your home than any other brokerage in Steamboat. Ask us to show you.

Using Google & Facebook to Reach Buyers

Google & Facebook to Reach Buyers.

Jon and The Steamboat Group have been consistently at the top in the Google search rankings since 2005. This has allowed us to create a curated database of individuals interested in properties just like yours!

Qualified buyers are online and we know how to reach them. We understand people don't use Facebook to buy a home, but we know the people who are buying homes are on Facebook. We advertise your home to qualified buyers who have looked at similar homes to catch their interest. 84% of home buyer's on social networks are spending their time on Facebook!

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Our job is to differentiate your home. We continue to move beyond traditional real estate marketing & identify new marketplaces where we can make your home stand out and get it in front of buyers who are looking for homes like yours.

Using Instagram to Connect with Buyers

Instagram to Connect.

Instagram connects 500 million daily users with people and businesses from all over the world. By utilizing organic and promotional advertising strategies, we are able to get the attention of buyers looking at your property, connect directly with them, and turn them into potential customers. Instagram is underused locally, so your home stands out even more here.

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Anyone can put your home on the web - we target our advertising towards buyers looking for homes like yours. Check out the level of engagement we get vs. our competition.

Story Telling through Media

Stories drive action. Like the video to the right, we use video, photos, 3D tours all together to tell a story about your home. People are able to connect and understand through the narrative. We showcase many things that help people identify with the home, often some of the amazing opportunities for living in Steamboat that can be just out their door.

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Modern business succeeds by using specialization to deliver more. We bring the benefits of specialization to real estate. Ask us we can bring our best in class resources to help you succeed.

Steamboat Springs Market Report

Market Insights.

Your time is of the essence, so we have created one of the most to-the-point, yet insightful real estate marketing reports. The report highlights indicators and stats that our clients want to know and is broken down by type of property and salient price points.

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We focus on selling your home to help you achieve your goals, not just gathering listings.

Helping You Succeed in Your Steamboat Springs Home Sale

Proud of the Relationships We've Built.

We are humbled that our clients have voted us Best of the Boat Realtors 7x and awarded us 3x Best Real Estate Firm in Steamboat.

From helping clients achieve their real estate goals to helping local nonprofits achieve their community goals, we always strive to keep Steamboat the special community it is and help others call it home, just like we do.

We focus on selling your home to help you achieve your goals, not just gathering listings.

Steamboat Springs Real Estate Client Reviews

Read Actual Client Reviews.

We thrive on knowing that we were able to help our clients get the results they wanted and we love receiving feedback from them.

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