Elementary Schools

Beginning with Elementary Schools, children are separated into two separate schools.  Helping to maintain small class sizes and promote interactivity with teachers, this allows for strong foundations of education to be fostered at a young age.  Based on the location of your home, you will either be part of the Strawberry Park or Soda Creek school districts. Both are excellent schools, equal in their ability to nurture and teach young children.

Strawberry Park and Soda Creek have both tested significantly higher than the state average in Math, English, and Science. Additionally, there are many programs offered in and out of the schools to further learning and provide extracurricular activities for students. These programs also focus on fostering a relationship between parents and their child’s learning experience, offering many volunteer opportunities for parents to interact with their child’s education.

Both schools are settled in idyllic locations within Steamboat. Strawberry Park is placed between Buff’s Pass and town, about a 5 minute drive from Mainstreet. Strawberry Park was aptly named back in the early 20th century as strawberry farmers grew their crops in this area. While the demand for the crop eventually died down, the land is still famous for its beauty and proximity to Buff Pass. Now it boasts both the Strawberry Park Elementary School and the Steamboat Springs Middle School.

Soda Creek Elementary is located even closer to town, only a few blocks away from Mainstreet. Placed between several residential neighborhoods, the school was renovated recently to better its flexibility and adaptability for teachers. Soda Creek Elementary was built as a simple wood frame school in 1911, named after Soda Creek, which ran alongside it. Since then the school has been developed into the modern education institution it is today. It is continuing to develop to support its students, teachers, and parents as a pivotal feature of the community.

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Steamboat Springs Middle School

Steamboat Springs High School