North Routt Community Charter School

The North Routt Community Charter School is based in Clark, CO and seeks to teach students through expeditions and outdoor discovery. They have a foundation of Expeditionary Learning and Outdoor Education & Wellness as their daily curriculum. As a charter school, North Routt does not charge tuition and are bound by federal and state public school laws. North Routt focuses on student excellence in mastery of knowledge and skills, character, and high quality student work.

The Community Charter School's motto is "Beyond Four Walls." Through this motto they actively work to teach students lessons both in and out of the classroom, instilling habits of learning, service projects, character traits, and outdoor education and wellness to their students. The school also runs buddy reading activities, where they match an upper-level student with a younger child and outdoor learning trips that involve all ages. The North Routt Community Charter School actively works to make students feel comfortable and happy both in the classroom and outside of it.

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