Emerald Mountain School

Located downtown on 818 Oak Street, Emerald Mountain School (K-8) strives to create a goal of academic excellence, establish a dynamic curriculum, foster global awareness, and build a community between teachers, parents, and students at the school.

Emerald Mountain School works to help their students understand their own academic responsibility so that they are prepared for future challenges and opportunities. The school strives to find diverse, curious students, and tuition is based individually on each family's finances. Emerald Mountain School also offers unique programs and opportunities, such as learning to play a string instrument of choice, and in middle school performing a Shakespearean play each year.

Through promotion of multi-age classrooms, Emerald Mountain School's older students are taught leadership and responsibility by assisting younger members of the school. Each student is taught the importance of emotional empathy as well as social communication, so that they understand their community around them.

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