What's going on with Steamboat's Gondola?

Some locals, visitors, and newbies alike have noticed that Steamboat’s famous gondola has been under construction.

That’s because the gondolas are being replaced with a $15 million dollar new system that will decrease gondola ride time from 12 minutes to 10 minutes as well as add 12 additional cars. This system will improve ski experience in general, and we’re so excited about it!

Feeling nostalgic for the old cabins?

That is completely understandable. But luckily you’ll have the opportunity to bid on these historic pieces of Steamboat’s past!

Steamboat Ski Resort will be donating several of these gondolas to local Steamboat charities to help them fundraise. Already two have been auctioned off, but other nonprofits are looking to sell theirs. You will need to keep your eyes out!

Start bidding now for a great piece for your backyard, or keep an eye out for more opportunities to keep a piece of Steamboat’s history!

For more updates on Steamboat’s gondola, check out the ski resort’s website.

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