Uniquely Steamboat: Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund

Once a month we will write on a cool part of Steamboat that we feel showcases the town’s character. 

The Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund has a goal to get people outside and into the great outdoors. 

In Steamboat hiking, biking, or even just strolling down your favorite trail would not be possible without the hard work responsible for keeping the trail safe to both humans and the environment. The Trail Maintenance Endowment fund manages this by determining the need and priorities required to tend to Steamboat’s greatest trails.

There are several ways that they do this, through the establishment of the Friends of the Wilderness, a group that volunteers to fell trees and patrol the forest.

Recently, The Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund has gained a bit of fame for their new mode for donations.

Installed alongside trails are parking meters set by the Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund that trail-users can donate to. These meters accept credit card donations, and are a favorite among trail-goers who wish to thank the organization for maintaining their trails and surrounding nature. As of July, the meters have raised $750!

Thank you to the Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund for supporting Steamboat and our trails, and thanks to all who volunteer and donate to help out!


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