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"Once you are really a local, there is even more going on than you even knew visiting as a tourist" Jessica S. 3 year local

See what it is like to Live in Steamboat from a family that moved here 3 years ago

We often dreamed what it would be like to be locals.  What would it really be like to be part of this mountain town?  Could it be as magical as when we visit, then worked remotely from here part time? Could we make friends?  What would it be like for our kids to grow up here?  Are the schools really as good as they say? Would it get old? Okay, we couldn't see it getting old but would we really take advantage of our dream town, and is it the best choice for our family?  We admired the people we knew that lived here and wished we did too but it

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  It has been an interesting few years in Steamboat.  Now that markets across the country have strengthened the Steamboat Real Estate market is recovering too.  It is refreshing to see the change in people's mindset for both locals and second home owners alike.  Short sales and foreclosures are no longer driving the market. Supply is coming more into balance in more areas and is even short in several parts of the market.  Values are down after the recession but prices are increasing in more parts of the market, interest rates are low, and the outlook is better than we have seen in years.

  2013 finished by tapering down from a very strong summer and fall. Sales went from very strong double digit increases to flat in November and significantly down in

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   Last week I went to a forum and one of the speakers was Andy Daly. Andy is a former CEO of Vail Resorts where he was instrumental in taking Vail public and building it into the great resort it is today, CEO of Copper Mountain and long time director of the National Ski Areas Association / Colorado Ski Country USA.  Needless to say Andy knows a little about ski resorts and the mountain towns that surround them.   It was interesting to hear his perspective on Steamboat given his background and how much of his life he dedicated to making Vail the best it could be. The points are his but I added some color to each.

1 - The Steamboat Ski Area is a World-Class Resort. Steamboat is in the Top 10 Resorts list by Ski Magazine every year.

2 - The town of

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    Challenges clearly remain but the Wall Street Journal is seeing some strong signs of recovery in the luxury home market.  Among those challenges we often find opportunity.  In Steamboat we have seen a strong uptick in the sale of properties over $1m with large numbers of sales in the $1-$5m range. According to Land Title YTD sales volumes are up 215% through the end of April compared to 2009 numbers.   We are seeing people take this chance to pick up some of the best properties at good to great prices.  Some want a place to bring thier family and friends together, others are location neutral and think why not live in Steamboat and many are planning for retirement down the road.  Nearly all see a turn coming and want to buy at the bottom of this

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  Living in Steamboat Springs is a dream for many.  Click here to learn more about living in Steamboat! Every day I walk out the door, look straight up at the mountain and consider myself lucky to be here.  The town of Steamboat Springs is a unique combination of a small town, in an incredible valley, surrounded by mountains and having amenities many would consider luxious for a town twice our size. That said the people in Steamboat may be the best reason to be here. Most are incredibly down to earth, low key and caring people that are great to be around. Steamboat was a ranch community first and everyone is committed to keeping it a great place to live.  A few quick places to learn more - 

**We added in the below video on 7/21/14 to give you a quick

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