Top 11 Things to Know about the Steamboat Auction for Wild Horse Meadows Condos

 There will be a lot of excitement and questions over the next couple of months surrounding the Auction for Condos at Wild Horse Meadows.  Most will be from people looking to learn more about the auction but many will be from people that already own in Steamboat or are thinking about it and wonder what this means to the Steamboat real estate market. Here is a short list of key questions I can answer for you along with any others you have. I think that there will be some very good values for people that navigate this process thoughtfully.  

5-6-12 Check the following link for the Trailhead Lodge at Wildhorse Meadows Steamboat Auction Results

11 - Why do you care if you don't want a Condo but are interested in or own Real Estate in Steamboat

10 - Are Trailhead Lodge at Wild Horse Meadows condos in this auction a smart choice for you?

9 - The history of this property. There is much more to know. You want to know it but will likley be ok with once you do.

8 - How do they compare in value to other quality condos and townhomes in Steamboat Springs?

7 - Why you care about the multiple condos owned by the seller that are not being offered at auction?

6 - What happens after the auction, how has this played out with other local auctions & what will it take for values to move forward?

5 - What happens to any unsold condos and does that affect my strategy or decision at the auction? This is different than the last one.

4 - Why you might want advice from someone that doesn't work for the seller / auction company? Working with a good broker doesn't cost you anything, working without one may cost you.

4 - Why is the current owner selling these at auction a few months after buying them? This is key and few people know.

3 - How to navigate a process designed to create the maximum revenue for the seller by taking a more thoughtful approach.

2 - What is the right price to bid and why?  Plus one more key choice I'll tell you if you choose to work with me

1 - What to do if you care about getting the best value on a Trailhead Lodge at Wild Horse Meadows Condo at Auction.

  Would you like to work with an honest broker that knows this project in detail, will give you the answers to all of these questions and will be at the auction in person?  I will advise you thoughtfully on what it takes to make the right decision then navigate the auction thoughtfully. If so give me a call.   There are many more good questions than this and I will work hard to get you the best possible answers so that you can make the best decision for you from a position of strength you only get with good information. 

  Some of you that talk to me will choose not to buy, Some will choose to look at other options and Some of you will choose to participate in the auction.  I am happy to talk to any of you, will ask you your goals so I can tell you what makes sense and what doesn't.

  It is great to get a good deal but it only makes sense if you get a good value for you and take a thoughtful approach to your decision.  If you would like the best basis for your decision give me a call at 970-879-0879 or email [email protected] That is a bold statement for me but I think you will like my approach and what you will learn if you work with me.  I will tell it like it is and then let you decide if working with me is the best choice for you.  

 Let me know if this is useful to you and check back for updates.  I will link to more info as I post it but do need to save my best insights for people who choose to become clients so that I can give them the best representation.  Here is my first post on the Wild Horse Steamboat Auction if you haven't seen it. If you would like an information packet with giving all ofyour personal information I will be happy to send you one. I also have the full building layout with what original list price was and all floorplans to help my clients understand relative values.

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