Top 10 Reasons to be in Steamboat Springs from Andy Daly the former CEO of Vail Resorts

   Last week I went to a forum and one of the speakers was Andy Daly. Andy is a former CEO of Vail Resorts where he was instrumental in taking Vail public and building it into the great resort it is today, CEO of Copper Mountain and long time director of the National Ski Areas Association / Colorado Ski Country USA.  Needless to say Andy knows a little about ski resorts and the mountain towns that surround them.   It was interesting to hear his perspective on Steamboat given his background and how much of his life he dedicated to making Vail the best it could be. The points are his but I added some color to each.

1 - The Steamboat Ski Area is a World-Class Resort. Steamboat is in the Top 10 Resorts list by Ski Magazine every year.

2 - The town of Steamboat Springs and the ski area is much lower than most resorts at about 6,700′ in elevation.  This makes for better nights sleep, much easier acclimation for those traveling from out of town and few if any side effects compared to the 9000 for or so elevations of many resorts.

3 - Steamboat produces more Olympians than anyone else.  With every sort of athlete from alpine racers and bump skiers to the the outstanding 2010 Nordic Combined Athletes calling Steamboat Home there is definately something about Steamboat Springs.

4- Steamboat was a real Western town first and has stayed true to its roots plus it has a huge range of resort and other activities available in and around town.  Steamboat has an incredible park system and surrounded by nearly endless public lands with very diverse terrain. 

5 - Real estate in Steamboat Springs is a great value compared to other resorts. You can get a property in Steamboat for one third to one fifth what it would cost in Aspen and half to a third of prices in Vail.  Steamboat also has options that are just not available other places like a great 35 acre parcel with trees and big views for about $500k.

6 - Steamboat Springs has one of the best mountain airports with a clear flight path and sophisticated guideance systems allowing a safe approach even in nasty weather.  Direct flights from over 10 cities in the winter make access conveinent but our distance from Denver keeps out the crowds that stuff resorts like Vail in the winter. We also have a great private airport right in town and a first class FBO (Fixed Base Operation) at the main airport in Hayden.

7 - Steamboat Springs has an excellent medical center staffed by fantastic doctors so you can get great care right in town from a long list of specialists that are hard to find in most mountain towns whether you are a visitor or local.

8 - Steamboat is a real town with a year-round community.  Visit Steamboat, Copper or Snowmass in late April and see the difference.

9 - Steamboat has some of the best snow anywhere and that includes Vail. Yes, the former CEO of Vail said this. It's location off the high deserts makes for more consistent snowfall and Steamboat's Dry Champagne Powder can't be beat.

10- Steamboat is a well rounded resort with more than just great sporting opportunities.  It has a full complement of arts, musical performances, lectures and diverse entertainment options to feed your soul. 

   I can think of a lot more but we will stick to Andy's list for now. Come out and enjoy Steamboat yourself whether it is your first time or you just want to fit in an extra trip to a place that has already captured your heart.

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