The Steamboat Report - 2021 Video Overview

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The Great Escape is now the Great Realization

The rush out of cities to escape Covid is over. Now people are no longer escaping wondering if it is temporary. They are realizing that they can have the life and career they want in the mountains and are moving here full time. Steamboat has the lifestyle people have aspired to achieve for a long time, but it was a place most people only vacationed to since they had they careers to go back to. Now they are realizing they could make Steamboat their home, seeing that the schools are great and they now have the flexibility to do it. As a result, they are focusing on their own dreams and making the move to Live in Steamboat.

Here is a summary of average price gains for 2021:
  • Single family homes in the Steamboat Springs school district are up 38%.
  • Luxury homes have increased 26%.
  • Townhomes are up 19%.
  • Condos are up 41%, with many more sales in One Steamboat Place vs. few before.
  • Homes in Hayden are up 28%.
  • Homes in Stagecoach increased 22%.
  • Phippsbrug / Yampa Oak Creek homes gained 55%, with 15 homes selling for over $500K.

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