The Steamboat Group Voted "Most Dog Friendly" Workplace in Steamboat....

....By our dogs

Here are our in-office pooches. Stop in sometime to meet them!

Chispa, 5 years old, Rescue, known as the Mama Bear of the office

“Snuggling is her favorite. She also loves long walks on the trail.” -Dianne Bertini

Ziggy, 1 year old, Rescue, known as the Unofficial office favorite

“He just wants to say hello!” -Alex Pond

Murphy, 17 years old, Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, Rescue, (Writer's note: I was three when Murphy was born. By dog years he is about 90 years old now, and still in his prime!)

“He’s obsessed with me. I adopted him when he was 10, and he has bit me no less than 5 times.” -Derek Hodson

Hamilton (Left), French Bulldog and Angus (Right), English Bulldog, both 1 year old

“Angus is Mr. Personality. Ham is quite proper. Angus loves fetching rocks in the river and making a rock collection, that’s why he has no teeth. Ham like chasing snowballs.”

Biscuit, 1 year old, Chocolate Lab and Pointer mix, Rescue, known for her affectionate licks and tail wags

“She has a huge infatuation with birds of all sizes, up to the size of airplanes.” -Jon Kowalsky

Winston, 13 weeks, Golden Retriever, Cute but Psycho

“He loves water… He loves splashing in puddles and chasing the cat. It’s a nice life.” - Ali Schrader

Our dogs love hanging out at the office, almost as much as we love working here. Stop in sometime to say "hello," and give our pups a pat!

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