The Steamboat Group is growing to provide more value and better service to you

   We are happy to announce that The Steamboat Group is growing again.  We have added Peggy Spitellie as a full time member to our team thanks to the increasing number of people we are fortunate to work with.  We feel fortunate for the continuing referrals from many of you. We are structuring our growth to allow us to raise the bar in the Steamboat Real Estate Market and deliver you better service.

   Our team now consists of Peggy, Erik, Wendy and myself, Jon.  Our goal continues to be to put your interests first, earn your trust, educate you on our market, negotiate effectively and help you have a great experience with the Steamboat Group.  Each of us is also committed to continually learning more from the best in the industry, helping you get the best outcome possible and marketing your properties in the most effective ways that work today. Listing your property in the MLS and running a few ads just doesn't get results today.  It takes true insights into people, our market, applying technology effectively and managing each step of the process for success.

  I, Jon Wade, will continue to be responsible in helping you make the best decision for you, along with being your primary contact before, during and after each transaction whenever you need me.  I will continue to oversee all aspects of the transaction and do the extras to navigate the current challenges effectively.  I am adding to The Steamboat Group to keep up with the growth in our business and allow me to spend more time with you.  It is important to me to focus on your needs, learn more every week and stay current with our market to give you the best insights possible. In addition I make time to serve on several local boards including the Urban Renewal Authority that just rebuilt the public areas at the base of the ski mountain and the Chamber of commerce.

  Peggy Spitellie, the newest addition to our team, will help us manage all of the details and people needed to achieve your goals.  She is building better systems, managing the documentation it takes for a succesful transaction and will be nearly always available to during working hours to answer a quick question or help you get what you need.  She is also working with Jon to manage and market listings effectively on and offline as well as helping to provide quick responses to help keep things moving. This allows Jon to get more done for you. Peggy has raised two wonderful daughters through high school here in Steamboat so if you have questions about the Steamboat School system, sports or living in Steamboat feel free to contact her.  If you have any quick questions on your transaction or Steamboat in general, feel free to email or call Peggy anytime at [email protected] or 970-879-0879.

  Erik Ramstad is continuing to manage and improve The Steamboat Group’s online presence and overall marketing. We measure the effectiveness of each marketing method and use additional data from other top resort brokers that we network with to focus our efforts on what truly works. Just having a website, virtual tour and other tech tools doesn't help much unless you really understand, implement and leverage them effectively.

  Wendy Wade, my wife, continues to help us enhance our marketing efforts and assists in the office part time.   Her passion is to help you learn more about living in Steamboat.   If you want to know about how to have fun in Steamboat with or without kids Wendy can fill you in on all the activities to enjoy.   Wendy is also an active volunteer in Steamboat and can help you become a part of our community in many ways.   Wendy can be reached at [email protected] or 970-819-6931.

  We are committed to actively work to serve your needs and improve the effectiveness of what we do.  We have several key enhancements underway that will make your search for a place in Steamboat easier and more productive.   Making things easier for buyers also helps our efforts to sell your property when the time comes.  The reach of our web presence and the two largest international networks allows us to bring qualified buyers to see many of our listings more than anyone else.  This increases the chances you have to sell by both generating more prospective buyers and giving them a more complete understanding of your property.   Feel free to give us a call, talk to Peggy or go direct to Jon anytime. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to reach your goals.

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