Talk like a Steamboat Local

Champagne Powder®- Think sparkling champagne but in the form of snow that is smooth, dry and makes you feel like you are flying. One of the things that Steamboat is famous for.

First Tracks- Un-touched fresh powder.  Use a special ticket to load the gondola at 8:00am or better yet the local knowledge to know where untracked lines will be later in the day.

Inversion- When it is very cold in town but surprisingly warm on top of the mountain.  It can be -10 degrees at the base of the mountain and a balmy 20-30 degrees at the top! If you walk outside and it is really cold check the temperature on top of the mountain because there is a very good chance it is nice on top.

Locals Secrets - The things you only learn by getting outside and finding them yourselves and locals can only share if you are out there with them.  Earn your stripes and you will be amazed by what you will learn

Orographic Lift- The best words you can hear in a weather forecast if you are looking to use your Powder Clause. Even better if they mention a strong northwest flow. These effects give Steamboat lots of our Signature Champagne Powder.  Wikipedia has a great technical definition.

Powder Clause - The art of being valuable enough to your boss or being your own boss & planning your schedule to be able to ski all the best Powder Days. It is also a great reason to be in Steamboat.

Pressing glass- What you do first thing in the morning when the Powder Clause is in effect.  Get there early to press glass at the front of the gondola line and get first tracks. 

Roy(corduroy)- The groomer tracks on soft fresh snow.  Lets go out and cut some Roy.

Skinning Up- These are all those crazy people (including me) who like to get an early workout in.  You attach "skins" to the bottom of skis with special boots and bindings to literally ski up to the gondola and get FREE first tracks.\

Townie- A bike that you can leave in town unlocked.  Usually equipped with a cupholder or basket.

Valley Car- A car that can't leave the Yampa Valley because its not good enough to make it over the pass!

3 Sport Day - This is a big thing in Steamboat - see how many sports you can do in one day! 

3 wire winter- Ranch fences traditionally feature three wires running horizontally from post to post, and they serve as benchmarks for measuring snow depth: When snow covers the top wire, you know it's been a great ski season.

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