Spring Bike Fest rolls closer in Steamboat Springs

Mountain biking in Steamboat Springs, Colorado has been very popular for years, but the sport is entering this summer with all the downhill momentum of a, well, mountain bike. That energy could be evident again next weekend as the long-standing spring Bike Swap gets upgraded to Steamboat's first Spring Bike Fest, very exciting!

The community has responded really well to this, they all want this to be a great kick off for this years cycling season in Steamboat Springs. The bike swap will be the heart of the activities, which starts at 8pm on May 7th, 2010. There will also be a movie showing of Follow Me located at the Steamboat Springs Community Center. This event will cost around $10 and will raise funds for the Winter Sports Club's Gravity Team downhill mountain biking program in Steamboat. The bike swap festivities will continue at 9am on May 9th, 2010. This year's bike swap will be free for customers and those looking to unload a bike.

The four shops in town of Steamboat will be hosting a booth that will feature activities focusing on riding in Steamboat and bicycle safety. It will be there for everyone not just folks that are interested in buying a bike or selling a bike. 

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