Snowing in Steamboat Springs

Merry Mainstreet took place this past weekend and gave us the opportunity to get out and enjoy the shops that were open late and decorated around downtown Steamboat. The shopping and Santa parade was a lot of fun for the family, but the biggest highlight of the night was the heavy snow that was falling throughout the evening. The snow has continued through the weekend leaving 9" on Saturday, 8" on Tuesday and 4" yesterday morning - leaving the ski area with 21" in the past 4 days. This morning the Ski Area should be opening a few new lifts, bringing the open lifts to Burgess Creek, Christie Peak Express, Four Points, Preview and The Gondola. Rumor is Storm Peak should be opening up today, so make sure your skis are tuned and get ready to make some serious turns! We also put together a short video from skiing yesterday - enjoy!

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