Snow Storm Comes to Steamboat 27" in 24 hours

Steamboat is quickly making up for lost time.  After being off to a slow start this year, it appears as though the mountain is intent to not let this winter get written off as a low snow-year. An unexpected snow storm left Mt. Wermer with 27" in 24 hours and an additional 7 inches of snow at mid-mountain since 5 a.m. this morning, brought the 30-hour total to 34 inches at mid-mountain. And it was all Champagne Powder!   

One of my favorite thoughts on todays snow in Steamboat come from Open Snow's Joel Gratz, who in his review on snow in Colorado said the following about Steamboat - 

"The old 'Steamboat Surprise' returned last night. I have no solid ideas about how they could get 27" of snow (I talked to someone at Steamboat and they said that the snow is BREAKING above the the 27"+ report is legit!). It was likely the perfect combination of moisture + orographic lift (air running into a mountain) + dynamic lift (storm energy directly overhead)... Who knows... Ski it if ya got it!".

For some of the best forecasts for Steamboat Springs, we recommend checking out Joel's powder weather website at

We have included a video that we put together from our amazing morning out on the mountain below, hope you enjoy it and hope to see you out here soon! 

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