Snow Comes to Steamboat!

   Snow has come back to Steamboat!  After a slower start than we are accustomed to, this past week in Steamboat the snow has been fantastic! As of 5 a.m. Wednesday morning, the ski area had received 28.5 inches of snow at midmountain in the past seven days. That’s 5 inches more than we saw the entire month of December, and it’s a good portion of January’s total of 39 inches. 

   I was fortunate enough to be able invoke my Powder Clause to ski a few runs early with friends before heading into work on Tuesday and thought I would share a quick video of what it looked like.   Not only has the snow been plentiful, but it's also Steamboat's Champagne Powder as well. 

  The weather pattern that had been blocking our storms has gotten much weaker.   I hope you enjoy the video and you can invoke your powder clause to get up on the mountain to enjoy the snow.  I saw a friend yesterday that was just coming down from Buffalo Pass and he said they were skiing 2-3 feet of fresh snow.  Within 2 hours I had a group organized to get up there on Saturday to check it out. When do you plan to get up to ski it?

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