Save your Favorite Properties on!

Do you find yourself drawn to a few particular properties around Steamboat?  To help you come back to these properties so that you can look at them at a later time, our website allows you to easily 'Favorite' entire searches or individual properties.

Our site currently prompts you to register when looking at currently listed properties. Creating your own personal username and database within the site gives you the ability to come back at a later date and find what you had previously searched.  If you are interested in saving an entire search this can best be done when filling out your search criteria. When initially typing in your criteria - at the bottom - next to the 'Start Search' button is a check box that allows you to 'Save Search.' Once checked you will be prompted to give this search a title, which allows you to create multiple searches, all with different and intuitive names.  To then find this 'Saved Search' find 'The Control Panel' in the right column and click on 'Saved Searches.'

If you are interested in saving an individual property to revisit at a later date this should be done when you are on the page looking at the specific property.  On the top of every individual property page in the right column is the section titled 'Interested?'  Beneath this is the hyperlink where you have the option to 'Add to Favorites.'  To add this particular property to your favorites simply click this link.  Upon returning to the site, if you are interested in finding this list of your Favorite Properties, simply click on the hyperlink for 'My Favorites' under the 'Control Panel' in the right column.

This is just a brief overview on one of the functions of this site.  For more information on Advanced Search Options, click here.  If you have any questions about how to use this site that we did not address above or on the Advanced Search Options page, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].  We would love to help you have the most positive search experience possible.

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