Routt County Riders is taking Steamboat Trail building to a whole new level



What does this mean to you?  Even more amazing trails in and around Steamboat. Our local trails are one of the best things about Living in Steamboat for me and we will be seeing many more over the next few years.  How? Routt County Riders is close to getting the ST240 Single Track trail building machine. Watch the video, it is amazing what it can do.  This machine will allow them to build more trails more cheaply. They plan to use it for their own trail building efforts and to bid to build some of the Trails funded by the lodging tax for much less which would in theory allow them to build more trails.  RCR will have to bid against everyone else to build the trails but their research says that they can build the trails cheaper and faster with this machine.  Yampa Valley Bank see the importance of this and has very generously offered to match donations up to $12,500. I plan to donate and hope that you will consider it too. KUDOS to Yampa Valley Bank for their support.

From Routt County Riders: We’ve made a deposit on a highly specialized ST240 Single Track trail building machine! It will allow Routt County Riders to build and maintain single track trails in less time. It can handle the heavy lifting, allowing hand crews to follow with ligher duty finish work. We still need some help to get it here and start building sweet single track ths summer. Yampa Valley Bank has generously agreed to match any funds we raise between now and May 31, up to $12,500. Help us reach this immediate goal!

Every dollar helps, and it’s easy to contribute. Click here to contribute online or mail a check to:
Routt County Riders, Attn: ST240, PO Box 770094, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

The beauty of this machine is that it is narrow - minimum 24 inches - but powerful and capable. So don't worry, your new single track trail will never feel machine-built. You won't even be able to tell which sections of the tight new single track were started by machine and which ones were completely hand-built.

While one vision for obtaining this machine is to stretch the dollars from the accommodations tax funding so more projects can be completed, Routt County Riders is PURCHASING the ST240 without any City funding. This allows the ST240 to be used on potential projects outside of the scope of the Steamboat Springs Trails Allaince (SSTA) proposed projects list such as those on BLM, Forest Service and private land.

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