Rockslide closes I-70 for 17 miles in Glenwood Canyon

The interstate's closure created a detour to U.S. 40, which went through Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We had many vehicles going through downtown Steamboat due to this breathtaking rockslide. A tremendous rockslide on I-70, which was near Glenwood Springs smashed through a bridge and dumped boulders the size of tractor trailers on the highway, closing a 17-mile stretch of the road. The slide struck at about midnight just west of the Hanging Lake Tunnell in Glenwood Canyon. The collapse caused major problems for truckers and other motorists, who had to travel 200 miles to avoid the slide. They pronounced that as many as 20 boulders, ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet in diameter, his the interstate, Colorado Department of Transportation estimated that the largest rock weighed 66 tons and some were as big as semi trucks. Thankfully no one was injured or on this section of the interstate at that time.

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