Our Top 3 Reasons for Using a Local Lender in Steamboat Springs

How are you planning to pay for your new place? If you’re in the early stages of your home search, you may not have thought seriously about shopping for a mortgage, but knowing your numbers is a critical part of your search.

In Steamboat we recommend finding someone local because we have found that a large portion of the time (99% for condos) say they are able to secure financing and only find out they are unable to do so until the last week.  As the market continues to improve this is a large problem for buyers.  Call us for more examples.

1. They understand the unique loan programs and sometimes insurance that we need for properties here

2. They can anticipate issues that will otherwise derail your purchase just before your loan approval or even closing. Just ask us for examples, out of town lenders say they can finance here and often find out they can’t when it is too late.

3. They are accountable to us so they will give you better service. Local lenders rely on us for referrals so they will anticipate more things, respond quicker and make extra efforts to solve any issues. They won’t tell us your numbers but it is much easier to work through the things that come up even in a normal purchase.

We are very picky about who we recommend and are happy to share our experiences with you. Our transaction volume allows us to know who is good and who has the best programs for each property type.  

Call or email us any time to learn more about the best financing options in Steamboat.

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