Only 100 Days until Steamboat opens for the Season on Nov 27, 2014

Photo: Steamboat Resort

  Fall is definitely in the air in Steamboat with cooler nights, bears foraging, wilting ferns and everyone talking about their favorite sign of how winter will be.  Perhaps the strongest feeling we all have this time of year is Wow! I still need to go camping, fishing, ride more, hike more etc.  It's time to kick it into a higher gear and get in more of your favorite summer activities.  I don't want to miss a single day of summer or fall and will be focused on getting in lots more Mtn biking, water-skiing, and more.  With only a few days until school starts we have been making extra time to do things with the kids before they dive back into school.

   That said I ordered my first ski movie of the year and have been thinking about winter for a couple of weeks now.  Visions of skiing Shadows, Powder days in the backcountry, fat biking on Emerald Mountain, and all the wonders of Winter in Steamboat have been creeping into my conciousness.  I'm not ready for winter yet but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about it.  How about you? What dreams of winter are passing through your mind?

Make sure you have your season pass!

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