One Steamboat Place reveals their step out of Foreclosure tomorrow

    We should hear tomorrow on how One Steamboat Place will exit foreclosure tomorrow after a multi-year re-financing that could stabilize the project going forward.   Expect to see new prices, likely a different ownership structure that comes out of the negotiations & manuvering we have been watching for a few months and hopefully a plan that makes enough sense for buyers to step forward.  How do you know?  Lets see the final announcements, prices and parties that are involved and then give me a call if you want an independent opinion. Both the whole and fractional plans need to make sense because of the way the building and HOA is structured.   I will help you think through things and help you get a feel for if things make sense in general and based on your goals.

    One Steamboat Place is a very high quality development but this is a complex market right now and we need to see if everything makes sense including what it means for the current HOA and expense structure.  I am optimistic that they have figured it out right now but need to see the final details to decide. Just give me a call at 970-879-0879 or email [email protected].

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