One Steamboat Place Pricing Preview - Not quite a done deal

One Steamboat Place now expects to give us an announcement regarding their new plan this afternoon or tomorrow morning as they emerge from foreclosure negotiations.  What I do have is some preliminary pricing information which is as follows. I should have more details soon to confirm individual unit pricing. As always they could adjust their plans befioe announcing since the deal hasn't quite been signed.

 Fractional units:

- $220K for 1/12th units

- $330K for 1/8th units with an option to remove the Catamount Membership for $20K less.

 Whole Units starting at:

- Two 3 Bedroom units available starting at $1.395M

- 4 Bedroom units starting at $1.65M

 Give me a call at 970-879-0879 or email [email protected] . My first impression of the pricing is good but I need to see the whole announcement to see how solid it all feels and see prices attached to individual units.  That shouldn't be long now.

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