My Favorite Hikes in Steamboat

Growing up in Steamboat I have had many experiences that I know are unique to my town and area. Here’s my list of my 3 absolute favorite places in Steamboat, reached only from a hike.

Emerald Mountain hike

This area is definitely a local favorite as it has one of the best views in town. Hike or bike up, or snowshoe in the winter! At the top of the trail is a quarry where you can enjoy a view of all of town. In the winter I have seen people bring skis or sleds up the trail so that they can go down in style. 

Areas of interest: A little bit down this trail and closer to Howelsen Hill is the Sulphur Cave which has an absolutely wild geological history behind it. I cannot do it justice, so click here to find out more about it. It is marked by a big fence around the cave, you can’t miss it!

Mad Creek Trail

A hike up Mad Creek Trail will lead you to the more than 100 year old Mad Creek barn, where you can go and explore what it was like living in Steamboat in the early 1900s. Also around the hike is a field of wildflowers, a creek, and an overall sense of wonder.

Rabbit Ears Pass

Any local can tell you that seeing the Rabbit Ears Mountain Peak is a welcomed sight during the drive back home. Hiking it is also equally cool. From that view you can see all of Rabbit Ears Pass and the area driving to Kremmling, CO, while also getting the experience of looking at the Rabbit Ears up close. Careful though — recently part of the ears fell off!

Wherever you go in Steamboat, you will find a great place to go on an adventure. Take heed of my biggest advice though — bring a camera, and enjoy the view.

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