Mountain Biking Howelsen Hill in the Winter

With the snow being a bit more sparse this year than in the past, many people in Steamboat have made a shift towards a different sport of choice.  Skiing and snowmobiling have taken a bit of a backseat for many, and people have been finding different ways to get out and enjoy Steamboat in the winter.  After hearing rumors of the mountain bike trails being rideable on Emerald, we decided to pull our bikes out of storage and give a ride on the mountain a shot.  Dressing in far more bulky clothing than regularly would seem appropriate for a biking adventure, we quickly peddled over to Howelsen Hill, quite excited. We rode the single-track Lupine trail up to the Quarry, stopping at the top only briefly to add a few layers and admire a familiar view with a  new (white) twist.  Riding down, we were pleasantly surprised that the same trails we regularly took in mid-summer were good-to-go, and we cautiously came down Blair Witch, MGM and Eye2Eye.  The trail was in fantastic shape and we were quick to give a silent thanks to everyone who had broken trail before us.  The trail was a bit narrower than usual making staying on track extra important today… but really, only adding to the fun. Everyone needed to take extra care, a few inches off the trail resulted in your front wheel sinking, sometimes a few feet, deep into the snowbank. A few in our party had a bit more difficulty maintaining that seemingly elusive straight path and found themselves making smiling snow angels as they flew over their bike's handle bars and lay face first in the snow banks. As we popped out at the bottom everyone was bit chilly & numb, but full of smiles and eager to do it again.

If you have any questions, or we would love to help you learn about biking, snowshoeing and more things you can do while in Steamboat. Or, if you're looking for a riding buddy, perhaps join you on a different type of adventure let us know and we'll try to see if we can't sneak back out to enjoy the one of Steamboat's beautiful bluebird afternoons  Hope to see you next time you're in Steamboat!


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