Moose-Spotter's Guide to Steamboat

Tips and tricks to locating your favorite antlered-animal.

Picture this. One day you’re driving along Walton Creek Road, and you happen to see several cars pulled to the side of the street. Just as you’re wondering what they might be looking at, you turn to find a Mama Moose and her baby crossing the road.

Welcome to your typical day in Steamboat. You always see something exciting, whether its a bear, a moose, an elk, or someone still rocking out in 80s ski gear. 

Moose can be a tricky animal to spot, and can even be dangerous to approach. So understanding the animal and also knowing how to remain safe is paramount in your moose-spotting adventures.


Keep a safe distance away from the moose. They can charge super fast. If they charge you try to run behind something big so that they get confused and lose sight of you. 

Do keep your pets leashed or inside. If you hear of a moose on a trail and you have a dog with you, just turn around and take Fido back home. Moose and dogs do not get along, and you do not want to be there for the resulting showdown.


Don’t say that the plural for moose is moosen. I heard that the moose get very annoyed by that.

Fun facts

  • Some of the moose in Steamboat have collars on so that Colorado Parks and Wildlife can analyze moose behavior. I hear that within the moose population collars are in fashion right now, so that could also be a contributing factor.

  • Moose can run up to 35 miles per hour! They “moose” be in a hurry!
  • The skin that dangles below a moose’s neck is called a bell.

Moose are really great animals, and very beautiful. Just remember that when viewing any wild animal in Steamboat to keep a safe distance and enjoy the nature.

Happy spotting!

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