March 2011 Solds in Steamboat Springs

March Sales in Steamboat Springs

Here is a list of the Weekly Solds for March 2011 here in Steamboat Springs with some of my thoughts, if you would like to know more on these or any other property just give me a call.  It pays to know what is going on and have a good basis for your valuation. 

3/1/11     31410 Willow Creek (Single Family, 4,184 sq ft home with 3,224 livable, 4br/5ba, 4 car garage, 5.21-acre lot) Located in Dakota Ridge. Sold for $1.4m. – Nice 4 br home in Dakota Ridge that sold for a  surprisingly high price.

3/2/11    60120 Routt County Road 129 (Single Family, 1,695 sq ft, 2 bd/3 ba, 35.96 acres)  Located in Badger Meadows. Sold for $515,000.

3/2/11     1407 Morgan Ct. (1,087 sq ft, 2 bd/2ba) Located in Villas at Walton Creek. Sold for $292,000 – Great deal on a Villa’s 2 br / 2ba.  Great for locals, front range people and retirees.

3/2/11 577 Second St. (.01-acre lot 8 in Hilltop Homes) Sold for $165,000.

3/2/11 43590 Routt County Road 36 (Single Family log home, 798 sq ft, 2 bd/1 ba, plus shed/garage and cabin on 18 acres) Built in 1910 and remodeled in 1938. Sold for $505,000. – Great lot in Strawberry Park with a completely obsolete home.

3/2/11 31255 Red Tail Lane, Oak Creek (Single Family Home, 2,743 sq ft, 2 bd/3 ba on 35 acres, plus metal barn)  Sold for $750,000.

3/3/11 2200 Village Inn Ct. (Timeshare interests in vacation condos at Steamboat Villas) Sold for $253,700.

3/3/11 26700 Thorpe Mountain Rd. (Single Family Home, 1,651 sq ft, 2 bd/1.5 ba on 79.19 acres) Built in 1989. Sold for $375,000

3/7/11 703 Lincoln Ave. (Condo, 1,656 sq ft, 2 bd, 2.5 ba B309, Howelsen Place) Sold for $1.156m. – People are seeing the value in being in Downtown Steamboat.  This is a nice building.

3/8/11 2900 Honeysuckle Lane (Single Family Home, 2,570 sq ft, 6 bd/4 ba on .25-acre lot 28 in Riverside) Built in 1992. Sold for $315,000

3/8/11 1726 Highland Way (Townhome, 3,115 sq ft, 3 bd/ 4ba, located in Highlands Ski Chalets) Sold for $879,000. – Nice townhome that sold for a surprisingly good  (high) price.

3/9/11 2700 Village Dr. (Condo, 1,041 sq ft, 2 bd/2ba, Located at the Lodge at Steamboat) Sold for $300,000. – Very aggressive price that I think has taken these to market.

3/9/11 2771 Apres Ski Way (Condo, 1,488 sq ft, 3 bd/1.5 ba, Located in in Herbage townhome condominiums) Sold for $385,000

3/9/11 49975 Moonhill Lane (Single Family Home, 2,471-square-foot, 4 bd/2 ba Located on a 1.8-acre lot 16 in Moon Hill meadows) Sold for $450,000. – Bank owned home on a good lot. 

3/9/11 29760 Routt County Road 14A (Single Family Home, 1,147-sq ft, 2 bd/2 ba, Built in 1981, with two large, newer garage buildings on 35.4 acres) Sold for $649,000

3/11/11 23505 Spur Trail (Land, 14.54 Acres west of Steamboat Springs. Sold for $995,000 in 2007) Sold for $550,000.

3/11/11  2817 Blackhawk Ct. (Townhome, 2,545 sq ft, 4 bd/4ba Blackhawk Townhomes. Sold for $785,000 in December 2006) Sold for $680,000. – Very good deal on one of the nicest Blackhawk townhomes.  I expect this price price point to lead to a few more sales in Blackhawk in the next few months.

3/14/11 2025 Walton Creek Road (Condo, 1,448 sq ft, 3 bd/ 3ba Located at Timber Run condominiums. Built in 1981, it last sold for $420,000 in 2007) Sold for $250,000. – Ground breaking price in Timber Run . A great price for a quality development and a unit with nice views.

3/14/11 1360 Skyview Lane (Townhome, 1,256 sq ft, 2 bd/2ba, w/ garage, located in A-1 at Sky View Terrace. Built in 1982, it last sold for $196,000 in 2003) Sold for $220,000 – Great Fannie Mae owned locals townhome I helped a teacher buy.

3/16/11 42425 River Drum Trail (Land, 5.8-acre Homestead B5 in filing 1 at Marabou Ranch) Sold for $2.3m – The only river front lot in Marabou.

3/16/11  Rural Steamboat (586 acres of undeveloped land on the northwest flank of Emerald Mountain and on the southwestern edge of the city) Sold for $1.3m -  The City of Steamboat purchased this tract from Lyman Orton to keep land in public hands that Lyman had allowed the public to use  and some great bike trails to be built on. This is really a key piece of Emerald Mountain and it is great the City is far sighted enough to purchase it for future  community use.

3/18/11 2500 Apres Ski Way (Condo, 796 sq ft, 1 bd/1 ba, Sunrise condominium 307) Sold for $150,000

3/18/11 2730 Waterstone Lane (Townhome, 2,406-sq ft, 4 bd/ 4.5 ba, Built in 1998, it sold for $640,000 in February 2006) Sold for $700,000 – Great townhome that is close to the mountain for a good price.

3/21/11 19 Cedar Ct. (Townhome, 968 sq ft, 2 bd/1 ba townhome Cedar 19 in Whistler Village, built in 1980) Sold for $95,000 in 1999. Sold for $131,500.

3/21/11 2780 Eagle Ridge Dr. (Condo, 1,042 sq ft, 2 bd/2ba, Canyon Creek. Sold for $406,500 in June 2006) Sold for $378,000. – Nice to see some quality 2 br condos starting to sell again as people become more confident in the market.

3/22/11 2355 Storm Meadows Dr. (Condo, 781 sq ft, 2 bd/2ba, Storm Meadows Club, Built in 1974) Sold for $150,000.

3/23/11 23600 Sagebrush Trail (Single Family Home, 1,755 sq ft, 3 bd/2.5ba, Located in Red Hawk Village in Stagecoach. Built in 2006, it sold for $430,000 in July 2007 and is valued for 2010 taxes at $457,100) Sold for $212,500. If you want to be in Stagecoach there are some incredible deals right now.

3/24/11 206 Fourth St.  (1,298 sq ft, In the Original Town of Steamboat Springs. Built in 1949 and remodeled in 1970) Sold for $325,000.

3/24/11 2602 Long Thong (Condo, 1,405-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath Located at Yampa View. Built in 1973, it sold for $202,000 in November 2004) Sold for $261,000

3/25/11 2525 Village Drive (Condo, 1,937 sq ft, 4 bd/3ba, Located in The Highmark)  Sold for $750,000 – Clearing out the developer, short sale and bank owned units in this development that was troubled even in good times.

3/25/11 41680 Routt County Road 44 (122 acres, Classified as agricultural hay meadow and grazing land, Previously sold for $150,000 in October 1979) Sold for $1,052,250

3/25/11 1000 Pine Grove Circle (Timeshare interests in and to the Village at Steamboat condominiums) Sold for $1,386,233.54.

3/28/11 2160 Mount Werner Circle (Condo, 1 bd/ 1 ba. Previously sold for $117,500 in April 2005) Sold for $160,000.

3/29/11 1161 Pine St. (Single Family, A 2,464-square-foot home with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Previously sold for $455,000 in March 2003) Sold for $600,000.

3/29/11 2493 Ridge Road and 2529 Ridge Road (Burgess Creek Ridge subdivision lot 2 (1.4 acres) and Rendezvous Trails lot 40 (0.71 acres) in Steamboat Springs. The lots previously sold for $1,700,000 in November 2007) Sold for $625,000. – Good price on some nice lots, we are seeing people pick up lots right now while they can pick the best ones and building prices are low.  I am starting to hear about more building plans this year and that is great news.

3/30/11 873 Mill Run Court (Duplex, 3,982 sq ft, Located in the Fox Hunt subdivision with 5 bd/ 4ba and a 3-car garage. Previously sold for $505,000 in June 2004) Sold for $500,000.

3/31/11 2200 Village Inn Court (Timeshare units at Steamboat Villas) Total sales of $453,590.

3/31/11 1778 Harmony Lane (Single Family, 2,682-sq ft, 4 bd/ 3.5 ba and a 2-car garage, located in the Fish Creek Hills. Previously sold for $645,000 in May 2006.)  Sold for $529,000.

3/31/11 32050 Pebble Run (Single Family, 3.42-acres, 5,678 sq ft, 4 bd/ 6 ba and a 2-car garage) Sold for $2,025,000. – Great price on a fantastic home above Strawberry Park by Jerry Stanford one of Steamboat’s finest builders.

3/31/11 2355 Ski Time Square (Condo located in Christie, 2,378 sq ft, 4 bd, 4 ba, Previously sold for $189,000 in December 2009) Sold for $200,000.

3/31/11 1821 Kamar Plaza (A 1,960 sq ft, commercial building in Kamar Plaza. Previously sold for $250,000 in February 2006) Sold for $215,000.

3/31/11 145 Huckleberry Lane (Single Family, 1,903 sq ft home with 4 bd/2.5 ba and a 2-car garage in the Aspen Meadows subdivision. Previously sold for $365,000 in April 2004) Sold for $449,000

3/31/11 1945 Cornice Road (Condo Located in the Rockies, previously sold for $185,000 in August 2006) Sold for $140,000 – Some great deals in the Rockies right now.

3/31/11 2315 Apres Ski Way (Condo, Located in the Phoenix, previously sold for $197,000 in August 1998) Sold for $255,000

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