Lucky to Live our Dreams in Steamboat Springs.

   Wendy & I were talking at breakfast this morning about how it still amazes us after all these years that we live in Steamboat.  We feel lucky every day and the kids are even luckier with all of the amazing things they get to do.  Years ago we sat eating our breakfast at Winona's many times wishing we lived here and it was cool to think about that as we sat there this morning.  What we didn't have at the time were two amazing kids that we get too see growing up in Steamboat.  
  We are so fortunate to be able to live our dreams here in Steamboat not to mention share it with Alden & Neve.  I don't think it will ever get old for us.  We love the amazing community here and how often we come across more special moments that make us appreciate our ski town even more.
 In case you are curious the mountain looked good today. It's hard to believe it is only 9 more days until ski season. We got some good snow to cover things up a bit on the mountain and the weather forecast show great snow making weather this week followed by a possible storm this weekend.  Do your snow dances and we will see you on the slopes soon.

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