Local's Guide to the Steamboat Rodeo

Steamboat is about to start looking a bit more cowboy.

Photo Courtesy of Shannon Lukens

Every summer locals and tourists alike gather at the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeos. Here are some tips and tricks to have the best time while you’re there.

  1. Wearing warm clothes is a must , as sometimes those metal bleachers get cold! I recommend dressing in layers and also bringing either a cowboy hat or sunglasses to block the sun. You never know what the weather will be in Steamboat, but the rodeo continues on in either rain or shine!

  1. Get there early and leave late, and go exploring around that area during your free time! Howelsen Hill is a famous Steamboat landmark as dozens of winter Olympians have trained there. Not to mention that if you take a short hike to the top you will get to see one of the best views in town. Also leaving late and walking around Mainstreet at night is wonderful, especially as you get a glimpse of downtown without as many people.

  1. Absolutely let your children participate in the calf or ram scramble. I won the ram scramble when I was that age, and I still am proud of the belt buckle I got.

  1. Stay for the Junior and Pee Wee Barrel Racing section, when cowgirls and cowboys under 12 race for the fastest time. It is my opinion that this is the best part of the rodeo. It’s all just so exciting!

Rodeos are every Friday and Saturday from June 21- August 9. They are located at the Brent Romick Arena at the base of Howelsen Hill.

For more information, check out the Steamboat Pro Rodeo Series website.


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