Living in Steamboat Springs, CO

Living in Steamboat Springs is a dream for many.  Click here to learn more about living in Steamboat! Every day I walk out the door, look straight up at the mountain and consider myself lucky to be here.  The town of Steamboat Springs is a unique combination of a small town, in an incredible valley, surrounded by mountains and having amenities many would consider luxious for a town twice our size. That said the people in Steamboat may be the best reason to be here. Most are incredibly down to earth, low key and caring people that are great to be around. Steamboat was a ranch community first and everyone is committed to keeping it a great place to live.  A few quick places to learn more - 

**We added in the below video on 7/21/14 to give you a quick glipse of living in Steamboat in the Summertime - check it out!

The other fantastic thing about Steamboat is everyone's love for the outdoors. It's easy to find people to fish, hike, bike, ski or anyother outdoor activities you may be interested in. Want to be a part of that? 

Living in Steamboat Springs

For many it is really more about deciding to live in Steamboat, setting that goal in writing and putting plans in place to make it happen.  I'm probably no more capable than you, nor is the average person here, we just decided what our true priorities are and that as much as anything can make it possible. At the time our son was 2 and Wendy, my wife, was pregnant with our daughter Neve. It could have definitely been easy to put off a big change for later but we had come to the conclusion that Steamboat was the best possible place for them grow up.

I'll be straight with you, Steamboat is a more expensive place to live than many places. This is mostly driven by housing costs, which are getting higher across the state and even the country. But buying a home in Colorado can be a great investment into your future well-being. What's more, housing costs can be mitigated in a variety of ways to make ownership more accessible. It just depends on your priorities. We've listed a few comprimises below that can allow you to make the move to Steamboat a bit quicker. These can include:

  • Living outside of town instead of inside, how long is your commute now?
  • Living in a smaller home or a town home. Not all bad since you will have more time to play.
  • Eating "out" more instead of eating in restaurants, outside that is, not many better places to eat than along the river or in the middle of some quick adventure.
  • Spending time hiking, biking or skiing instead of spending money at the shopping.

Location Neutral Living in Steamboat 

What will you do for work? Many of you have realized that you can now work anywhere with a phone, fast internet and an airport. Why live in a city if Steamboat is your love? Last time I saw the numbers location neutral workers made up 14% of our local workforce.  Some have their own businesses and others have the flexibility to live anywhere.  This number has grown 3 times in the last 5 years - so you are not alone in thinking about relocating to Steamboat!

You already work hard to live somewhere else, why not work a bit harder, for yourself to make your dreams of living in Steamboat a reality? It sure has been worth it for my family and I am always happy we decided to take the chance and move.

I hope that this gives you a flavor of what is involved. What are your priorities?  Is there anything about living in Steamboat that I could help clarify? if you would like to talk more just give me a call at 970-819-6930.

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