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  Steamboat Springs was just rated #4 on this list of the 20 Best Small Towns in America. They focused on the music scene but as most of you know there are many more reasons than that starting with the amazing down to earth people that live here and the active lifestyle we get to enjoy.  Wendy and I have been  here 9 years full time now and are still finding more things to love about Steamboat all the time.  We are jealous the Alden and Neve get to grow up here but that's what we wanted. 

They must not have stayed here very long or Steamboat would be number one :)   What do you think?  See the article here - Best Small Towns in America . Give me a call if you would like to know more about Living in Steamboat Springs. I can talk through what you need

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What does this mean to you?  Even more amazing trails in and around Steamboat. Our local trails are one of the best things about Living in Steamboat for me and we will be seeing many more over the next few years.  How? Routt County Riders is close to getting the ST240 Single Track trail building machine. Watch the video, it is amazing what it can do.  This machine will allow them to build more trails more cheaply. They plan to use it for their own trail building efforts and to bid to build some of the Trails funded by the lodging tax for much less which would in theory allow them to build more trails.  RCR will have to bid against everyone else to build the trails but their research says that they can build the trails cheaper and faster with

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 The SSWSC is one of the many things that make Steamboat a special place to live. The kids get to free ski and train with incredible coaches who raced in College, the US Ski Team and often the Olympics along with a team of great friends who truly want to be there.  The kids are amazing in how they support and encourage each other. I am impressed with how they interact and what great kids they are everytime I see them at training or races. The SSWSC isn't all about skiing, they also put a lot of thought into how they can convey valuable life lessons to the kids and do a great job at it.

  This message from Caroline Lalive yesterday will give you a small taste: "First, I have to tell you all what an incredible job your kids are doing. There is nothing

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A Celebrity Chophouse in Steamboat Springs, CO?  Yes, indeed.  Steamboat could use a Chophouse so a Star studded group has come together to bring one to Downtown Steamboat Springs. I've seen the menu and it looks like they have put together a great menu with reasonable prices (email me for a copy).  I'm not affiliated but I am looking forward to checking it out when it opens next week. It is located on the banks of the Yampa River and backs to Howelsen Hill / Emerald Mountain the oldest continously operating ski area in Colorado, home of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and some of the best Mountain Biking you can find.

Steamboat isn't much of a celebrity town since we are not a great place to be "Seen" and it is too down to earth for much

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We hope that all of you have a wonderful Holiday season.  We are grateful to live in Steamboat Springs and appreciate it more every year. Thanks to all of our friends, family and clients who make our life so amazing.  Lets all raise the bar and have even more fun in 2014. Cick "Read Full Post" below then the picture above to see what we were up to in 2013.

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  I wish all the time that I grew up in Steamboat but I feel lucky that Alden and Neve can instead. This is Alden with a couple of his SSWSC buddies before they head up the lift for their first day of U12 training at Howelsen hill. Any kid who is safe, well fed and loved is lucky. That said I never lose my sense of amazement of how lucky kids are that get to grow up in Steamboat.

 Nearly every day I notice something small or big that is "normal" here but improbable or vacation worthy most other places.  It may be cool things about the weather, something they talked about in school, powder days, mountain biking or other things I could only dream of doing when I grew up.  They or their friends and likely their coaches ski raced in the US Ski Team or

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  Here are the current membership options for Catamount.  You can either join the lake or get a golf membership which includes both.  Catamount consists of two parts. Catamount Lake with it's extensive list of amenities including some of the best fly fishing in Colorado in the private tailwaters just below the Lake.  Catamount Ranch is where the golf course is, both are surrounded by gorgeous homes along with a few duplexes along Catamount Lake.   Give me a call if you would like more information on Catamount.  If you would like to see what properties are available go to Catamount Steamboat Homes for sale.

Update: See this post for 2014 Catamount Steamboat Membership options


1.  Lake membership:
The lake membership initiation deposit is $10,000. 

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The snow is continuing to dump in Steamboat.  The snow total for the past 5 days has just touched 47" - Thats almost 4 feet of new snow!  We got a bit of new footage from the mountain and took a bit of the snow falling in downtown Steamboat as well.  Enjoy the video below and let us know if you have any questions about the mountain or the current conditions on the mountain!

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Merry Mainstreet took place this past weekend and gave us the opportunity to get out and enjoy the shops that were open late and decorated around downtown Steamboat. The shopping and Santa parade was a lot of fun for the family, but the biggest highlight of the night was the heavy snow that was falling throughout the evening. The snow has continued through the weekend leaving 9" on Saturday, 8" on Tuesday and 4" yesterday morning - leaving the ski area with 21" in the past 4 days. This morning the Ski Area should be opening a few new lifts, bringing the open lifts to Burgess Creek, Christie Peak Express, Four Points, Preview and The Gondola. Rumor is Storm Peak should be opening up today, so make sure your skis are tuned and get ready to make some serious

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Happy Halloween and ghoulish greetings from Jon Wade and The Steamboat Group!

The Mainstreet Steamboat downtown Halloween stroll was in full spooky swing tonight with an entire community dressed in costume.  Halloween is one of our most favorite reaasons for relocating to Steamboat, and it's absolutey one of the best Steamboat get togethers of the year.  The ghosts and goblins (and in our case, vampires), take over Mainstreet. The cars are redirected off of the main drag and trick or treating pedestrians get full priority.  Shopkeepers, restaurant owners, bankers and Colorado Group Realty offer up cauldrons full of candy, haunted houses and even free French Fries for the kids and adults (thank you Johnny B. Good's!) 

Live country music performances

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