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Family life in Steamboat, as I understand, is different than family life anywhere else. Kids in Steamboat grow up to be extraordinary athletes, with values that center around enjoying the outdoors as much as possible and having enough diligence to succeed in a town where everyone wants you to do well. I have found that in Steamboat, the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is entirely true, as one of the community’s main focus is the prosperity of their kids.

Here is a list of the main aspects that contribute to that.

Winter Sports Club

Steamboat loves skiing, and almost every kid who is in the Winter Sports Club ends up to be one of the best skiers in the world. This is because the Winter Sports Club really knows how to raise great

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Once the summer starts bringing warm summer nights, it seems like all of Steamboat is spending their evenings outside looking at the stars.

Because of our lack of light pollution you can almost always see the Milky Way on a clear night. When I was a kid I would always camp out on my trampoline with my friends to count the number of shooting stars we see.

While it is commonly known that you can get good star-gazing spots near Hahns Peak or at the top of Rabbit Ears, there is something special about being able to spot constellations from your own backyard. Even in the winter time you can still get cozy and watch the stars easily in Steamboat. 

This fascination with our ability to see the night sky is shared by many in the town. Each month local

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July is when Steamboat summers truly hit their stride. The entire town is abuzz with locals and tourist alike who know that summer is truly a magical time in Steamboat. Happy hours, biking, swimming, hiking, and exploring are all a joy in July. This July should be no different. Here's a list of all the events and happy hours you can enjoy!

July 1-4 Ski Jumping begins

Training starts for the Jumpin’ and Jammin’ ski jumping competition on July 1 at Howelsen Hill. Yes, that means that in the summer Steamboat kids will be going off of those jumps. Better go cheer them on!

July 4th Cowboy Roundup Days

So much happens on this day. Click this link to look at a complete schedule.

July 10th Town Challenge

July 13 Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

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Sunday night our team was given the Yampa Valley Community Foundation’s Business Philanthropist of the Year award.

This award is an honor to receive in Steamboat, where charity and philanthropic work is a value that all locals hold dear.

Since The Steamboat Group’s inception in 2016 our team has donated over $70,000 to charities that align with our agents' values and passions with the overall goal to “Keep Steamboat Special”.

Along with monetary donations, our team enjoys getting out in the community to support projects by donating their time.  Twice per year we partner with Paul and Bridget Ferguson and LiftUp to host produce drives at City Market. Each drive has raised over 3,000 tons of fresh produce for community members and families in

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Steamboat is about to start looking a bit more cowboy.

Photo Courtesy of Shannon Lukens

Every summer locals and tourists alike gather at the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeos. Here are some tips and tricks to have the best time while you’re there.

  1. Wearing warm clothes is a must , as sometimes those metal bleachers get cold! I recommend dressing in layers and also bringing either a cowboy hat or sunglasses to block the sun. You never know what the weather will be in Steamboat, but the rodeo continues on in either rain or shine!

  1. Get there early and leave late, and go exploring around that area during your free time! Howelsen Hill is a famous Steamboat landmark as dozens of winter Olympians have trained there. Not to mention that if you take a short hike to the top

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Recent increase in revenue from Lodging Tax indicates thriving Rental Market in Routt County

Recent numbers released by the City of Steamboat Springs show a substantial increase in revenue from the Lodging and Amenities Tax, exhibiting a thriving rental market in Steamboat.

From November 2018 to March 2019, tax revenue from the lodging and amenities tax increased by $600,000 citywide. From this increase, it can be deduced that the rental market in Steamboat is doing considerably well.

It seems like now is the time for rentals in Steamboat!

To learn more, enquire at rental agencies such as Mountain Resorts, Steamboat Resorts, Simply Steamboat, or TurnKey.

For the full report click here.




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Father’s Day is this weekend, and there is no better way to celebrate than in Steamboat. Sporty Steamboat dads like nothing better than getting outside for a sport or two with their family for Father's Day.  We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do and Father’s Day gifts to help celebrate.

  • Outdoors
    • Take dad on a bike ride. Steamboat's amazing mountain bike trails, gravel rides, and road routes never get old. 
    • A few of us are riding in the Moots Ranch Rally on Saturday.
    • Gift him a bike from Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare
    • Hike up Emerald Mountain
    • Go rock climbing at the L.C.A. Climbing Gym
    • Give a lift ticket for Christy Peak Express, regular weekly hours begin this weekend
  • Food
    • Breakfast at Winona's
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Summertime is upon us, which means that soon locals will be heading over to BAP for a shopping spree or pulling out their camping gear from storage. Looking for the best camping spots in Steamboat? This list is for you!

If you want to be close to town

Steamboat Springs KOA

A ten minute car drive away from town, these sites offer options for those staying in tents or anyone wanting to “glamp” it up and sleep in a cabin. As it’s close to town you’ll be able to enjoy Steamboat’s amenities but also be able to feel like you are camping in Colorado’s wilderness.

If you want to go north

North Routt has several great camping spots with lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. You could camp at Steamboat Lake or Pearl Lake, and enjoy swimming,

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....By our dogs

Here are our in-office pooches. Stop in sometime to meet them!

Chispa, 5 years old, Rescue, known as the Mama Bear of the office

“Snuggling is her favorite. She also loves long walks on the trail.” -Dianne Bertini


Ziggy, 1 year old, Rescue, known as the Unofficial office favorite

“He just wants to say hello!” -Alex Pond

Murphy, 17 years old, Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, Rescue, (Writer's note: I was three when Murphy was born. By dog years he is about 90 years old now, and still in his prime!)

“He’s obsessed with me. I adopted him when he was 10, and he has bit me no less than 5 times.” -Derek Hodson


Hamilton (Left), French Bulldog and Angus (Right), English Bulldog,

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Steamboat summers are always filled with fun events that everyone can enjoy. Once May ends, the town launches full force into fun event mode, with great Happy Hours and great things to do outside of the normal hiking, biking, and fishing that you do in Steamboat in June. Here’s a compiled list of some of these events that you can go out to enjoy!

June 1: Yampa Valley River Festival

The Yampa Valley River Festival is a Kayak and Rafting competition held at the Bud Werner Memorial Library to commemorate the wildness of the Yampa River.

June 2: Steamboat Marathon

For more information about the Steamboat Marathon, click here.

June 4: Token Tuesdays at Mountain Tap start for June!

Mountain Tap is a Steamboat Group favorite as it is right

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