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Getting tired of the summer heat? Visit Stagecoach for relief!


Stagecoach is home to an abundance of wildlife, flowers, and adventures that all rely on the lake. Going exploring around Stagecoach allows you to see all of these things in person, and let's you find out what makes Stagecoach so special.


There are many great hikes around Stagecoach. One of my favorites is just exploring the arena because you can both watch the boaters and the wildlife while admiring the views!


At the marina there is a beach where you can go swimming and play in the sand. There you can picnic and also watch the water-skiing!


For rental and boating information, click here.

Other Adventures

Record-breaking fish have been

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Ski Town, USA, certainly has its ring to it. But anyone in Steamboat’s hockey community knows that it could easily be called Hockey Town, USA, too! 

Steamboat’s hockey culture is huge, from its youth programs, to our junior team, to the adult league. In honor of the Steamboat Hockey Classic coming up, here is a list of why Steamboat Hockey is so special.

The Steamboat Stampede

The Steamboat Stampede boasts both boys and girls hockey programs starting from Intro to Hockey to high school. These programs help boost leadership, teamwork, and hard work among the players. Not to mention that they help introduce players to a great community of coaches, dedicated parents, and happy teams. Growing up in Steamboat playing hockey lets you explore the

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Summer going by too fast? Here’s some last minute plans you should make to ensure that you experienced this season to its full extent.

1. Tube the river

Drop in at Fletcher Pond or book with one of the town’s tubing companies to ensure you get in one last float down the river.

2. Watch a movie on the mountain

It really is a cool experience to see the stars, the mountain, and a movie all at once. Some of my favorite summer memories happened waiting with my family for the movie to start! Here is the list of the remaining movies. 

3. Go camping, and make sure to bring s’mores.

It really just isn’t camping without s’mores! Here is our list of great camping locations for this summer.

4. Eat tacos on Salt and Lime’s roof.


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September Events in Steamboat


Free Summer Concerts September 1

Steamboat's last concert is the End of Summer Jam with Billy Strings. Free Summer Concerts are always fun, as the town comes out in droves to enjoy the sunshine and the vibes of the free concerts.

First Friday Artwalk September 6 

The Artwalk is a self-guided tour through museums and businesses in Steamboat to visit changing art exhibits. The Artwalk offers a great chance to explore town and a great chance to see local art.

World Fiesta Celebration September 7

Celebrate with cultural cuisine, music and dancing supporting Integrated Communities at the Steamboat Springs Community Center. As written in the name, it should be quite a fiesta!

OktoberWest Beer Stroll

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With school starting again and summer winding down finding good study and work spots in Steamboat is absolutely necessary to avoid the temptation of constantly being outside. It’s hard- we understand. But at least Steamboat has some great study spots!


5. Mountain Brew

Mountain Brew has great food, great cupcakes, and great coffee. There are several seats you can choose from, and you will always see someone you know there!

4. Big Iron Coffee Co.

Big Iron offers a warm environment to meet with friends and get your study on. Not to mention that the coffees, teas, and pastries are great. Try their London Fog- it's one of the best in the US!

3. Off the Beaten Path

Steamboat’s downtown bookstore has a cafe and an upper seating area where

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Tips and tricks to locating your favorite antlered-animal.

Picture this. One day you’re driving along Walton Creek Road, and you happen to see several cars pulled to the side of the street. Just as you’re wondering what they might be looking at, you turn to find a Mama Moose and her baby crossing the road.

Welcome to your typical day in Steamboat. You always see something exciting, whether its a bear, a moose, an elk, or someone still rocking out in 80s ski gear. 

Moose can be a tricky animal to spot, and can even be dangerous to approach. So understanding the animal and also knowing how to remain safe is paramount in your moose-spotting adventures.


Keep a safe distance away from the moose. They can charge super fast. If they

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Growing up in Steamboat, one of my favorite events was the rubber ducky race. I would love to watch the ducks float down the river, and would often choose random duckies to cheer on as they made their way down the Yampa.

On August 25 this event will happen again to benefit Northwest Colorado Health. Head down to the Old Town Hot Springs in Steamboat to watch the duckies race down the slides. Ticket holders sponsoring winning ducks will win cash prizes and the opportunity to brag that you had the fastest duck around!

Northwest Colorado Health supports community wellness through programs and services helping people of all ages. They work to ensure that everyone is healthy and can afford health care in Colorado. Some of their programs include the

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The Routt County Fair is celebrating its 105th birthday this year!

That’s right, in 1914 Routt County residents began to meet to celebrate our county’s agricultural heritage. Some of their descendents still  compete in the fair each year, showing off their agricultural feats to the crowd. As the fair ends on August 18, it’s best to run over now to check out the action!

At the fair you can get a taste of the rodeo with events such as the pig wrestling, youth bull riding, and mini bronc bustin’. There is also a home arts competition for baked goods and art. At night there is a barn dance where you can show off your best swing dancing and two-stepping skills. Tonight there will even be a demolition derby at 7:30 pm!

The most famous part of the

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Once a month we will write on a cool part of Steamboat that we feel showcases the town’s character. 

The Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund has a goal to get people outside and into the great outdoors. 

In Steamboat hiking, biking, or even just strolling down your favorite trail would not be possible without the hard work responsible for keeping the trail safe to both humans and the environment. The Trail Maintenance Endowment fund manages this by determining the need and priorities required to tend to Steamboat’s greatest trails.

There are several ways that they do this, through the establishment of the Friends of the Wilderness, a group that volunteers to fell trees and patrol the forest.

Recently, The Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund has

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