Healthy eating for the community and the environment in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

Steamboat Springs, Colorado has so many places that offer home grown products that are grown and produced in Northwest Colorado. For instance, Farmers Markets here in Steamboat has a lot to offer with products such as these. Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 will be Earth Day, a time to think about how the health of the environment affects our well being and the well being of our communities. Aspects of everyday living influences greatly in what we eat or where that food comes from can help our own health and that of our natural surroundings. Yampa Valley has a large amount of homegrown meats, produce and products made from ingredients in our communities' backyards. Locally grown and raised foods go on for ever on why you should purchase and eat these daily, one reason it's fresher and tastier! Many of Colorado's food producers use organic or sustainable farming techniques, which make the products that come from here so much healthier and better to eat for you. So next time you walk into a local grocery foods store think about purchasing Colorado's finest or take a look at what Steamboat really has to offer in downtown for fresh, homegrown produce.

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