Head over to the Routt County Fair!

The Routt County Fair is celebrating its 105th birthday this year!

That’s right, in 1914 Routt County residents began to meet to celebrate our county’s agricultural heritage. Some of their descendents still  compete in the fair each year, showing off their agricultural feats to the crowd. As the fair ends on August 18, it’s best to run over now to check out the action!

At the fair you can get a taste of the rodeo with events such as the pig wrestling, youth bull riding, and mini bronc bustin’. There is also a home arts competition for baked goods and art. At night there is a barn dance where you can show off your best swing dancing and two-stepping skills. Tonight there will even be a demolition derby at 7:30 pm!

The most famous part of the fair might be the livestock show. Members of the local 4-H will show off the livestock they have raised throughout the year to bidders. Last year one of the winners was a pig by the name of Chris P. Bacon, a swine who soon became a local celebrity just because of the sheer genius of his name.

The fair will be located at 398 S Poplar St, Hayden, CO 81639. Stop by to see some of Routt County’s heritage, but more importantly, to have some fun!

For more information regarding the events of the fair, click here!

Photos courtesy of Shannon Lukens

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