Has One Steamboat Place been Sold out of Foreclosure?

   I haven't verified this yet but I have heard twice this morning from credible sources that someone has negotiated for ownership control at One Steamboat Place.  I won't say who yet and this is not a done deal yet so take it for what it is worth.  I hope and it sounds like it is a capable party that can successfully take One Steamboat Place forward successfully. 

  Give me a call if you would like to know more about the One Steamboat Place Foreclosure process and how it may impact your property or present an opportunity going forward.  You can call me on my cell at 970-819-6930 or email to [email protected].  When we see a real announcement I can provide more background for you and have you evaluate your options.  You can also search the Steamboat MLS via IDX technology if you would like to see what is on the market now.

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