Growing up in 'The Boat

Family life in Steamboat, as I understand, is different than family life anywhere else. Kids in Steamboat grow up to be extraordinary athletes, with values that center around enjoying the outdoors as much as possible and having enough diligence to succeed in a town where everyone wants you to do well. I have found that in Steamboat, the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is entirely true, as one of the community’s main focus is the prosperity of their kids.

Here is a list of the main aspects that contribute to that.

Winter Sports Club

Steamboat loves skiing, and almost every kid who is in the Winter Sports Club ends up to be one of the best skiers in the world. This is because the Winter Sports Club really knows how to raise great athletes. The program has produced 95 Winter Olympians who have made 165 Olympic appearances.

Because of this history, Steamboat also goes crazy during the Winter Olympics. There is a huge celebration in town where we see off the athletes that are competing. What’s even better is these athletes give back to the community by showing up in parades and events. I will never forget when in fifth grade, I got to hold Johnny Spillane’s silver medal at a school assembly. There are also tributes to the Olympics all around town and on the mountain.

Steamboat Schools

Steamboat has a great school district. This article can tell you more about that!

The Camps

There are tons of summer camps for kids in the summer here and around the rest of Colorado. There are several great after school programs as well.

The Scenery

Growing up with Steamboat’s views instills a want to go outside as much as possible. Because of this you will find that Steamboat kids do not often wish to sit inside and play video games all day, instead deciding to mountain bike, hike, rock climb, ski, or hang out with the horses if you're inclined to purchase a horse property. This grows with Steamboat kids until they are adults and they start to regularly bring in their mountain bikes to work.

Family life in Steamboat centers around what new adventure to do that day. My friends from high school and I regularly find ourselves doing something that is cool and unique compared to others that we meet. Not to mention if we ever need something someone always knows a friend of a friend in Steamboat that can help us. I am so happy I grew up here, and I would not have traded it for the world.

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