Fall in Steamboat


Fall in Steamboat could be my favorite season and this year there was no question. The La Nina pattern in the Pacific that has developed this year tends to deliver warm falls and solid winter snows. 2007 was the last La Nina year and it was a record season with a similar fall. The temperatures have regularly remained in the mid 70s and this past week brought the first snowfall with about 6 inches on top of the mountain. We got in a nice snowfall fight with the kids on Rabbit Ears. Don't think that fall is over yet, we are heading out water-skiing today. The clear blue skies have been perfect for those looking to extend their favorite summer activities to get out to enjoy some more mountain biking, hiking and fly-fishing. Despite the warmth, the cool nights have brought the beautiful fall colors into town. The vibrant colors decorating the mountains and the valley is a highlight for many.

 But no matter the weather in October, it is sure to be beautiful here in Steamboat. If you would like to know more about Steamboat Springs, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or give me a call at 970.879.0879. I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about Steamboat or just help you enjoy your next visit a little more. Ask for our Favorite Spots in and around Steamboat Springs.

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