Biking Events in Steamboat Springs

The efforts toward gaining the moniker 'Bike Town USA' seem to be in full swing this past week with bike-related activities dominating the Steamboat Springs calendar.  The Beall Trail which opened earlier this summer was officially inaugurated this past weekend.  Champagne bottles were popped in celebration of what is hopefully the first of many trails to be lain on the backside of Emerald mountain's recent acquisition of land.  

This weekend many, if not everyone is looking forward to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that is coming to Steamboat this weekend.  Featuring the finish of Stage 4 around 330 on Friday and the beginning of Stage 5 around 1120 on Saturday, those interested in seeing some of the best road bikers in the world have a few opportunities to do so.  The race features 5 of the top 10 riders from this past years Tour de France and travels all around Colorado. Andy Scheck, who placed 2nd in the Tour this past year, even just had an appearance and a went on a bike ride with members of the community.  An honor to be a host of a night of the event, Steamboat is also featuring fireworks, a beer garden, live music, a live race feed and more. Be sure to check it out if you are in town.

Another event from the past week was the installation of the beautiful mural that now lives on the side of Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare. Painted by the mural depicts a variety of settings and types of bikers out enjoying Steamboat.

If you're interested in learning more about the biking trails in Steamboat, feel free to send me an email or give me a call at 970.819.6930


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