Bears and Elk Visit our Home in Steamboat!

Living in Steamboat always gives you the opportunity to be surprised by nature. Whether it is the weather's surprising ability to snow 8 inches on Sunday and then raise to 70 by Thursday, give you those perfect bluebird spring skiing days or just surprise you with few unexpected early morning visitors outside your own front door. 

We live only about a mile from downtown and the warming weather from the past few weeks has brought a few different groups of animals right through our backyard. Driving home to the office on Monday i slowed and quickly took a few pictures of elk standing at the end of our drive. Waking early this morning we were surprised to see a mother bear and her cub playing in our backyard. My son Alden and daughter Neve really enjoyed starting their morning watching the mother and cub wander through our backyard, seeming to almost enjoy the playground as much as they do.

Just a small reminder of why we love living in Steamboat! 





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