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     Most everyone who has been to Steamboat Springs is familiar with the Aspen tree. The aspen thrives in the Rocky Mountain climate and does well in damp environments. In the summer, when the leaves unfurl, they take on an emerald green quality, brighter at first than they are when they settle into summer. The quaking Aspen is known for the shimmer and shudder of its leaves. On a dry summer day, the wind blowing through them often sounds like rain. In winter, their stark forms reach up, white ghostly sentinels watching over the ski mountain, or clustered in hills and valleys.

     There are a couple of interesting things to note about Aspen trees. The first is they can be male or female. The second is Aspens

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    Not too long ago, when I was kid, we built tree houses, forts, dams and more. We interacted with nature, creating our own temporary world within hers. As the environmental movement came about, nature became something to see and not touch. I heard a story about two boys who worked all summer. With their savings, they built a tree house on their property. They were then asked to take it down by the city because they didn’t have a building permit. Another set of kids were scolded for building a dam in a river.

    In Steamboat, there is still the sense of exploration we had as kids. You can build things here. Building a dam is how we figure out what a beaver does. Building a tree fort lets us get the same view of the world

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   Expect to see some nice changes in the Steamboat Base Area this winter.  As a member of the Urban Renewal Authority Board that manages the URA planning, design, construction and recommends action on the above to Steamboat's City Council I am fortunate to be a part of the exciting upgrades going on at the base. We recently got approval for a $21m bond issue to complete phase 2 of the public improvements at the base of the Steamboat Ski Area.  Here are some highlights of what is happening,  if you would like to know more give me call at 970-879-0879.

 - The Steamboat Springs URA in the midst of a busy summer / fall construction season where we are doing the rough grading of the base area for the promenade that will link the base area together for

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     July 2010 Sales in Routt County were released a few days ago by Land Title here in Steamboat. YTD sales are much healthier than in 2009 but we are in a transition period. Things started to improve in June of 2009, which lessened the growth between June of 2009 and June of 2010. However, the increased volume that started in June of 2009 is continuing. The total sales volume is slightly higher than what was seen in June of 2009 and the total sales volume through July is 174% of 2009. In the upcoming months I expect we will likely see a bump in the August and September numbers given the number of  new contracts in the last month that are expected to close in the next two months. People have been negotiating hard and picking up great values on some top

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 steamboat_summer_2010_-_water_skiing_011_800 Steamboat Water Skiing - Summer 2010 "photo by Anne Lauinger" Steamboat Springs offers excellent water skiing opportunities in many surrounding areas. The lakes here are mostly spring & river fed, so they are very clean and enjoyable. Water-skiing is one of many fun activities that Steamboat has to offer locals and guests. If you have any photos of you enjoying Steamboat, send them our way, we would love to feature them on our site!  Send your photos to   Water skiing is very popular in the Yampa Valley - there are some great lakes around Steamboat Springs that are the perfect escape for boating, fishing, relaxing, water skiing, tubing, kayaking and so much more! Stagecoach and Steamboat Lake are great for boating and…
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If you are interested in searching for distressed property in Steamboat, our site is the only site in Steamboat setup to search the MLS for Bank Owned and Short Sales using a continuously updated feed from the MLS. In addition since it is straight from the MLS you can search by location, type, bedrooms or any other search criteria.  Once something looks interesting give Jon a call and he can help you find a short sale or bank owned property that matches your goals.

   We designed an easy to use search that gives you the best means to search for bank owned and short sale properties in Steamboat to adapt to our changing market and meet your needs. Using the map allows you to easily see if there are any properties within a certain area that are currently

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Steamboat Springs was featured in a great Sunset Article on why go to Steamboat and what to do here. I really can't blame them for choosing such an incredible place to visit and write about. They talk about where to ride or hike; "Great hikes or rides on Emerald Mountain are a short walk from downtown, with 10 miles of trails you'll have pretty much to yourself. It's a quick 2 miles up the moderate Quarry Trail for awesome valley views," says Sunset. They discuss why go in the summertime to steamboat; "People are catching on to this cow town turned ski resort and its summer charms-fewer crowds, bargain digs, and riverfront adventures," says Sunset.

They explain all the wonders you can enjoy in this western small-town from where to eat, ride, and play.

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Price drops on high-end luxury homes have helped many people interested in Steamboat Real Estate find their ideal homes in the first half of 2010. Almost 1/3 of the single family homes sold in the first half of 2010 have been valued at over $1m, compared to 21 percent of single family homes sold that were valued at over $1m in 2007. Large price drops have been credited as a major factor for this increase of luxury home sales.  One notable example was a home in Stonebridge Park, that sold for $3.2 million this week in a cash transaction. ‘The house, in the only gated community in city limits and within listening distance of Fish Creek, originally was listed for more than $6 million.’
This has led to many people on a search for ‘measurables (price per…
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The 2010 Steamboat Springs Parade of Homes, presented by Colorado Group Realty, will take place Saturday, August 7th. The self-guided tour from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. provides an opportunity to visit stunning mountain properties located in five different Steamboat neighborhoods. Tickets are $20 per person with proceeds benefiting the Colorado Group Realty Charitable Foundation.

“These residences represent a variety of styles exhibited in mountain homebuilding, “ said Bart Kounovsky, board member of the Charitable Fountain. “Participants will experience a slice of mountain living not usually seen by the public.”

The seven homes ranging from 3,095 to 11,823 square feet will also showcase five different areas: the South Valley, the Eagle Ridge area, Ski…
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Real Estate Sales in Steamboat Springs are continuing to improve compared to 2009 levels. We are seeing increases in both the volume and the units sold from 2009. We have now recorded 8th months in a row where sales volume has increased over the same month of the previous year. YTD sales volume is 252% of 2009 dollar volumes and 202% for units. This reflects a significant increase in higher end property sales. This is encouraging but challenges remain so it pays to look closely at any property and it's values as you consider a purchase.   I have personally seen a bigger increase in volumes and have had the chance to help multiple people secure strong values this year. Two notable sales from this past month include a 5 bedroom 7 bath home on 20 acres that…
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