Aurum Food & Wine - Steamboat has another Hot Restaurant

Aurum could earn a spot as one of Steamboat's Best Restaurants

  We are fortunate to have an amazing group of high end restaurants in Steamboat that consistently deliver special evenings for their guests.  From Cafe Diva and Harwigs that have set the standard for years and continue to innovate to Bistro CV and the Laundry that push the limits of creative flavors and presentation. It's a good thing we are an active town with so many great sports opportunities or we would all weigh 20 pounds more :)

  Wendy and I were lucky to be invited to the pre-opening for Aurum Food & Wine. I can honestly say they were dialed in and ready to please in every regard.  I think that we will need to find another reason to get out every month or more likely week during the summer to make sure Aurum continues to be as great as is was tonight. The location along the Yampa River has always been amazing and now the total dining experience lives up to the same standard.

  When we arrived the building seemed familiar yet somehow more inviting. We noticed several changes inside that just felt good and they will be refreshing the lawn area outside that has drawn us to this location for so long.  The people were friendly while providing the perfect balance of excellent service, a genuine interest in our experience and the chance for us to enjoy a night out as a couple. 

  Phillips Armstrong revealed an understated passion for delivering a great dining experience to us. He pulled it off flawlessly in every regard.  John Whitmer showed his skills as the dining room manager and Sommelier with quiet confidence plus knowledge that allowed him to make us feel welcome while delivering in every regard. He has a love for food & wine that made our conversation engaging.  We didn't get to meet Chase Willbanks the Executive Chef but his skills left no doubts in our mind and we will make sure to meet him soon. Nick was our server and he showed a sense for making our night special that was beyond his years. The whole staff wowed us with cohesive service and friendly conversation that made our night special.  It was hard to believe the restaurant was just opening for the first time.

  So how was the food?  We started with the Crudo of Hamachi & Tuna that was fresh and had a light yet deeply flavorful truffle dressing that was unexpected and truly amazing.  Wendy had a Roasted Tomato Soup with Crab with wonderful flavors & textures. The salads looked great but we skipped directly to our entrees this time with the knowledge we will be back.  I had a grilled rack of lamb with a sublime combination of vegtables that made me fall in love with lamb again after taking a break for a few years and just recently having it again.  Wendy managed to one up me with her choice of the Grilled Scottish Salmon in an olive oil Beurre Blanc sauce and truffled pea rissoto that was fresh, light yet deeply flavorful. It was outstanding.  Funny that when I saw the menu online before coming that I wasn't sure how it would play out but I left with little doubt I will be coming back. 

   Don't take our word for it, go try it for yourself. Aurum is located on Yampa Street in Downtown Steamboat Springs. You can check out their website, call them at 970-879-9500 or make a reservation on Opentable. I recommend reservations because the word will get out quickly and they will be a popular place if they can continue to deliver like they did tonight.

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