A few of my reasons to be Thankful

Many thanks to all of those that make life great! To Wendy, Alden and Neve for making every day special. To each of my friends and family. To all of those I have to good fortune of working with to reach your goals in Steamboat. To living in America and all the opportunity it provides, we don't understand how lucky we are to be here or what so many go through to keep us safe.

I feel thankful every day that we get to live in Steamboat Springs and I couldn't be more grateful that Alden and Neve get to grow up here. I am thankful for all of the challenges that make me be better and all of the wonderful people that are with me along the way. I'd like to be thankful for getting beyond a few more but still feel lucky everyday that I am up to the challenge.

Thank you for a wonderful life and all of the adventures to come. I hope that we all get to share many more good times together.

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