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All around Steamboat there is folklore about the mountains and the springs. One of the more famous stories, passed down from the Ute tribe, is the story of Sleeping Giant.

This story is based on the shape of Elk Mountain, as it looks like a person is asleep to the west of Steamboat.

The story goes like this:

Long ago there was a giant who lived among the people of the Yampa Valley. The giant was granted immortality as long as he did not harm anyone.

But an ogre came to the Yampa Valley to attack the people that lived there. The giant felt that it was his duty to protect the people he loved, so he enticed the ogre to go to Steamboat Lake, where the ogre fell into quicksand and died. The people were saved but the giant had broken his oath,

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August Events in Steamboat

Also known as the month that everyone works off the calories they gained during 4th of July barbeques

PikNik Theatre August 1-8

This yearly festival features talented local and national actors performing Shakespeare and original plays around town. The performances this summer will be A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Bee Man of Orn.

Steamboat Stinger August 10-11

The race that reminds you that Steamboat is the home of Olympians. The mountain bike course is 50+ miles while the trail running course is 26.2 miles. You can do either, or if you really want to be sore on Monday, you can compete in the full Queen Bee or King Sting, where you do both the 50 mile bike course on Saturday and then the marathon on

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North Routt offers many fun things to do during the summertime. Here’s what we thought would be fun to do for a day in North Routt, with a little explanation on the activities!

A Day in North Routt:

6 a.m. Morning hike up Hahns Peak

9 a.m. Get back into Hahns Peak Village

10 a.m. Breakfast at Hahns Peak Roadhouse (open at 7:30 am)

11 a.m. Go next door to the Hahns Peak Historical Society

Noon: Eat Lunch at the Hahns Peak Cafe

1 p.m.-3 p.m. Paddleboard and play at Steamboat Lake

4 p.m. Visit the Clark Store to get ice cream and purchase s’more making materials for camping

5 p.m. Set up camp

6 p.m. Go Fly fishing at Pearl Lake

7 p.m. Eat dinner at the campsite

8 p.m. S’mores and Campfire banana boats

9 p.m. Enjoy

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Everybody has a favorite movie growing up. In Routt County, I think we each hold one particularly close to our hearts due to its relation to our area’s rich history. That movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

While a majority of the movie was filmed a bit south of us, Butch Cassidy and Sundance were outlaws up in Brown’s Park, about two hours to the west of Steamboat at the Utah border. This is where they started the Hole in the Wall gang and began their robbing spree.

Steamboat now may seem like a peaceful place, but in the early 19th century it saw its fair share of outlaws. Most deadly was Harry Tracy. Tracy was a member of the Hole in the Wall Gang, where he successfully completed many robberies before becoming  notorious within Northwest

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Growing up in Steamboat I have had many experiences that I know are unique to my town and area. Here’s my list of my 3 absolute favorite places in Steamboat, reached only from a hike.

Emerald Mountain hike

This area is definitely a local favorite as it has one of the best views in town. Hike or bike up, or snowshoe in the winter! At the top of the trail is a quarry where you can enjoy a view of all of town. In the winter I have seen people bring skis or sleds up the trail so that they can go down in style. 

Areas of interest: A little bit down this trail and closer to Howelsen Hill is the Sulphur Cave which has an absolutely wild geological history behind it. I cannot do it justice, so click here to find out more about it. It is marked by a big

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Family life in Steamboat, as I understand, is different than family life anywhere else. Kids in Steamboat grow up to be extraordinary athletes, with values that center around enjoying the outdoors as much as possible and having enough diligence to succeed in a town where everyone wants you to do well. I have found that in Steamboat, the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is entirely true, as one of the community’s main focus is the prosperity of their kids.

Here is a list of the main aspects that contribute to that.

Winter Sports Club

Steamboat loves skiing, and almost every kid who is in the Winter Sports Club ends up to be one of the best skiers in the world. This is because the Winter Sports Club really knows how to raise great

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Once the summer starts bringing warm summer nights, it seems like all of Steamboat is spending their evenings outside looking at the stars.

Because of our lack of light pollution you can almost always see the Milky Way on a clear night. When I was a kid I would always camp out on my trampoline with my friends to count the number of shooting stars we see.

While it is commonly known that you can get good star-gazing spots near Hahns Peak or at the top of Rabbit Ears, there is something special about being able to spot constellations from your own backyard. Even in the winter time you can still get cozy and watch the stars easily in Steamboat. 

This fascination with our ability to see the night sky is shared by many in the town. Each month local

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Every year, it never ceases to amaze us how caring of a community Steamboat Springs is. Each July we choose a Saturday and volunteer along with Bridget and Paul Ferguson at City Market to collect produce for our local food bank. This year we challenged the community to not only help us collect fresh produce, but also reach a donation level of $5,000 so we could match that!



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July is when Steamboat summers truly hit their stride. The entire town is abuzz with locals and tourist alike who know that summer is truly a magical time in Steamboat. Happy hours, biking, swimming, hiking, and exploring are all a joy in July. This July should be no different. Here's a list of all the events and happy hours you can enjoy!

July 1-4 Ski Jumping begins

Training starts for the Jumpin’ and Jammin’ ski jumping competition on July 1 at Howelsen Hill. Yes, that means that in the summer Steamboat kids will be going off of those jumps. Better go cheer them on!

July 4th Cowboy Roundup Days

So much happens on this day. Click this link to look at a complete schedule.

July 10th Town Challenge

July 13 Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

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Sunday night our team was given the Yampa Valley Community Foundation’s Business Philanthropist of the Year award.

This award is truly an honor to receive in Steamboat, where charity and philanthropic work is a value that locals hold dear.

Yampa Valley Community Foundation's description of The Steamboat Group's philanthropy efforts

Since The Steamboat Group’s inception in 2016 our team has donated over $90,000 to charities that align with our agents' values and passions with the overall goal to “Keep Steamboat Special”.

Along with monetary donations, our team enjoys getting out in the community to support projects by donating their time.  Twice per year we partner with Paul and Bridget Ferguson and LiftUp to host produce drives at City

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