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James Crawford staked his claim to land in the Yampa Valley because of its mineral springs, lush grasses, river and streams. Today, in the 20th Century it really hasn't changed much. He was convinced the land's abundance would provide comfort and security for his family. He was not alone in that belief. By the end of the Crawfords' first year in the Yampa Valley, pioneers were gathering. Within ten years, the settlement had a newspaper. By 1900, residents were electing their first town council, having established its charter. Electricity, automobiles and the railroad ended Steamboat's frontier outpost era. Neighbors came together to bring refinement to their rough-hewn town, nurturing churches, schools, art, dance and entertainment. Throughout its first

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Just because the mountain is closed and snow has stopped falling "well kind of", that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy gravity and precipitation. No one knows this better than local canoeists, rafters and kayakers, who take to the Yampa River in droves every spring when the snowmelt descends from Mount Werner and beyond. The number of river runners continues to grow in Steamboat and adds a unique flavor to our community. People come here for it from around the state once word has spread about the river.

The Paddling Life Invitational is on Monday, May 31st, 2010, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. While the Yampa River Festival is on Saturday through Sunday, May 29th-30th, 2010, a water-based version of its winter cousin, commemorates its

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  Living in Steamboat Springs is a dream for many.  Click here to learn more about living in Steamboat! Every day I walk out the door, look straight up at the mountain and consider myself lucky to be here.  The town of Steamboat Springs is a unique combination of a small town, in an incredible valley, surrounded by mountains and having amenities many would consider luxious for a town twice our size. That said the people in Steamboat may be the best reason to be here. Most are incredibly down to earth, low key and caring people that are great to be around. Steamboat was a ranch community first and everyone is committed to keeping it a great place to live.  A few quick places to learn more - 

**We added in the below video on 7/21/14 to give you a quick

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   More good news on the housing market to match some of the economic news we have been seeing the last few months.  Despite the headline prices actually fell slightly, 0.7% nationally, but that is still very good news compared to what we were seeing only a few months ago.  It is nice to read the Wall Street Journal and see increasing profits, hiring starting to kick back in and other signs of a solidifying economy.  

   We are seeing many good signs in Steamboat too with volumes showing 2X increases vs a year ago for 5 months in a row now and buyer interest increasing.  During this transition period we will continue to see some good opportunities here in Steamboat as people begin to adjust to current market realities.  Give me a call at 970-819-6930 if

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routt_county_riders_jersey_10_1920   "The Steamboat Group" are big supporters of cycling and ride a lot ourselves. We are proud to sponsor the 2010 Routt County Riders jersey! Steamboat is a huge biking town and has an incredible network of trails.  Steamboat has also been designated as a bicycle friendly community .
If you are an active biker, like having a group look out for your interests and stage events along with actively building trails we highly recommend joining Routt County Riders. The club is focuses on the following areas: Development and maintenance of sustainable mountain bike trails; Grant writing for trail projects; Annual Steamboat Bike Swap; Bike To Work Week; Bicycle Friendly Community Initiative; Steamboat Springs Stage Race; Junior Cyclist Development; Promotion of…
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Come to Steamboat's Mainstreet for the First Friday Artwalk of May 2010. The appreciation of local art here in Steamboat is fostered by those who visit downtown along with supporting the growth of the local arts community. Twenty four galleries and other venues will show their art of a self guided tour down mainstreet, refreshments are served. There is always something new to see each month! This Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 5- 8pm come downtown to enjoy some of Steamboat's finest local art!
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  Thank you for stopping by to check out our new and improved website.  It is designed to provide the most types of searches and  detailed information on each property availible.  Check back for improvments and drop us a note if you have suggestions.  Jon will award gift certificates for $25 or more to Slopeside Grill, Freshies or Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare to the ones he likes the most (email  We will be adding much more information across the site and improving what is already here over the next month while we work it into shape before summer.  Have a great spring and we hope to see you back soon.
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Mountain biking in Steamboat Springs, Colorado has been very popular for years, but the sport is entering this summer with all the downhill momentum of a, well, mountain bike. That energy could be evident again next weekend as the long-standing spring Bike Swap gets upgraded to Steamboat's first Spring Bike Fest, very exciting!

The community has responded really well to this, they all want this to be a great kick off for this years cycling season in Steamboat Springs. The bike swap will be the heart of the activities, which starts at 8pm on May 7th, 2010. There will also be a movie showing of Follow Me located at the Steamboat Springs Community Center. This event will cost around $10 and will raise funds for the Winter Sports Club's Gravity Team

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     Intrawest announced yesterday that they have completed refinancing their previously outstanding debt payments. The resort operator of Whistler/Blackcomb, missed debt payments in December that led to a threat of auction from lenders. This auction was scheduled to occur in the middle of the 2010 Olympic Games. Since that time Fortress Investment Group, Intrawest's primary creditors, have been working with lenders to restructure the $1.4 billion borrowed in 2006 that Fortress used when purchasing Intrawest.

     Yesterday, it was announced that Fortress Investment Group has repaid their prior lenders in full and completed a new loan that is scheduled to mature in 2014. The details and terms of the new loan have not been fully disclosed. In early March…
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Steamboat Springs, Colorado has so many places that offer home grown products that are grown and produced in Northwest Colorado. For instance, Farmers Markets here in Steamboat has a lot to offer with products such as these. Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 will be Earth Day, a time to think about how the health of the environment affects our well being and the well being of our communities. Aspects of everyday living influences greatly in what we eat or where that food comes from can help our own health and that of our natural surroundings. Yampa Valley has a large amount of homegrown meats, produce and products made from ingredients in our communities' backyards. Locally grown and raised foods go on for ever on why you should purchase and eat these daily, one…
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