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Where to go to take that EPIC photo while you’re in town. 

8. Main Street

Now we don’t recommend taking a picture in the middle of a street, but stealing a quick pic when Main Street is closed for 4th of July or Winter Carnival can lead to some fantastic pictures. Get a shot of both downtown’s western feel and our main mountain from this angle.


7. Rabbit Ears Pass

Driving over Rabbit Ears is always a welcome sight, especially for the weary traveler returning home. Taking pictures of the famous rock formation makes the homecoming even more sweet!


6. Howelsen Hill

Whether you’re skiing or hiking, looking at Steamboat from the top of Howelsen Hill always takes your breath away. Pictures from Howelsen will never fail to

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Ever wonder how friends and family can visit you in a matter of hours while living in Steamboat?

The answer is our beautiful airport! Ask anyone in Steamboat- they probably know a few people who work there, making it the most social airport experience in the nation. Seriously, going to the airport is like a party. My mom always loves driving me to the airport so that she can visit her friends working.

The Hayden airport is 45 minutes away from Steamboat. There are flights to Denver daily, but recently the airport has scheduled more flights across the US for skiers, riders, and anyone else that wants to visit!

Check out the flight schedule below to see if you or your friends can book any trips!



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Things to look forward to once it starts snowing

1. That moment when it first starts to snow

Or when you wake up in the morning and get excited because you see snow all around you for the first time since spring

2. Getting hot chocolate at Gondola Joe’s before/after going skiing

Better yet, drinking hot chocolate at Four Points Lodge looking at one of the best views in Steamboat

3. Seeing all of the holiday lights go up in town

Steamboat really gets into the holiday cheer. My favorite part about the holidays is meeting everyone on the gondola because they always are in Steamboat for the purpose of experiencing a storybook holiday season.

4. Soaking in the hot springs in the middle of a blizzard

The snow can’t get to you

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Restaurant Week October 1- October 2

Explore Steamboat’s favorite meals as you wine and dine your way through town!

The Great Costume Swap and Shop October 1

Pick out some great costumes at the Hayden Public Library

Hamlet Presented by PikNik Theatre October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12

Alas poor Yorick! It’s a Steamboat tradition!

First Friday Artwalk October 4

The Artwalk is a self-guided took through Steamboat’s galleries, museums, and restaurants. It will occur every first Friday until December.

Poker Run October 5

Run a 5k with the Routt County Cattewomen while simultaneously playing poker. This event is great news for people who sweat when they bluff because you will already be sweating from the 5k so no one will notice!

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Fall in Steamboat is a special time. Parents love it because school starts again, and kids love it because it means ski season will start soon. Locals love it because there are less tourists, and businesses love it because local fall happy hours can begin!

Here are other events that make fall special in Steamboat.

Restaurant Week

Steamboat Restaurant Week begins September 27 to October 6. This event features 35 local restaurants that serve specials to foodies and casual eaters alike. With this opportunity you’ll be able to explore local restaurants and their favorite meals!

Fall Hiking

When else can you enjoy all of Steamboat’s colors? My favorite hikes in the fall are Spring Creek Trail (a classic, and a trail that I hike every week

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Some locals, visitors, and newbies alike have noticed that Steamboat’s famous gondola has been under construction.

That’s because the gondolas are being replaced with a $15 million dollar new system that will decrease gondola ride time from 12 minutes to 10 minutes as well as add 12 additional cars. This system will improve ski experience in general, and we’re so excited about it!

Feeling nostalgic for the old cabins?

That is completely understandable. But luckily you’ll have the opportunity to bid on these historic pieces of Steamboat’s past!

Steamboat Ski Resort will be donating several of these gondolas to local Steamboat charities to help them fundraise. Already two have been auctioned off, but other nonprofits are looking to sell

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Getting tired of the summer heat? Visit Stagecoach for relief!


Stagecoach is home to an abundance of wildlife, flowers, and adventures that all rely on the lake. Going exploring around Stagecoach allows you to see all of these things in person, and let's you find out what makes Stagecoach so special.


There are many great hikes around Stagecoach. One of my favorites is just exploring the arena because you can both watch the boaters and the wildlife while admiring the views!


At the marina there is a beach where you can go swimming and play in the sand. There you can picnic and also watch the water-skiing!


For rental and boating information, click here.

Other Adventures

Record-breaking fish have been

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Ski Town, USA, certainly has its ring to it. But anyone in Steamboat’s hockey community knows that it could easily be called Hockey Town, USA, too! 

Steamboat’s hockey culture is huge, from its youth programs, to our junior team, to the adult league. In honor of the Steamboat Hockey Classic coming up, here is a list of why Steamboat Hockey is so special.

The Steamboat Stampede

The Steamboat Stampede boasts both boys and girls hockey programs starting from Intro to Hockey to high school. These programs help boost leadership, teamwork, and hard work among the players. Not to mention that they help introduce players to a great community of coaches, dedicated parents, and happy teams. Growing up in Steamboat playing hockey lets you explore the

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Summer going by too fast? Here’s some last minute plans you should make to ensure that you experienced this season to its full extent.

1. Tube the river

Drop in at Fletcher Pond or book with one of the town’s tubing companies to ensure you get in one last float down the river.

2. Watch a movie on the mountain

It really is a cool experience to see the stars, the mountain, and a movie all at once. Some of my favorite summer memories happened waiting with my family for the movie to start! Here is the list of the remaining movies. 

3. Go camping, and make sure to bring s’mores.

It really just isn’t camping without s’mores! Here is our list of great camping locations for this summer.

4. Eat tacos on Salt and Lime’s roof.


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September Events in Steamboat


Free Summer Concerts September 1

Steamboat's last concert is the End of Summer Jam with Billy Strings. Free Summer Concerts are always fun, as the town comes out in droves to enjoy the sunshine and the vibes of the free concerts.

First Friday Artwalk September 6 

The Artwalk is a self-guided tour through museums and businesses in Steamboat to visit changing art exhibits. The Artwalk offers a great chance to explore town and a great chance to see local art.

World Fiesta Celebration September 7

Celebrate with cultural cuisine, music and dancing supporting Integrated Communities at the Steamboat Springs Community Center. As written in the name, it should be quite a fiesta!

OktoberWest Beer Stroll

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