2014 Steamboat Springs Sochi Olympians and TV Schedule

Photo courtesy of Steamboat Resort

Steamboat Althetes in the 2014 SOCHI WINTER OLYMPICS    

  Needless to say we get excited to watch our local Olympians in the Olympics but it is just as exciting to stand on the sidelines at local events and see the kids who will be our future Olmpians absolutely ripping it even at a young age. Possibility is compelling and we have lots of it here in Ski Town USA(R).  Steamboat Springs has produced 79 Winter Olympians that lived and/or trained here with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.  This year 15 athletes who have lived here and trained with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) are headed to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi! 

  Steamboat is the best place in the world to live and train if you want to be an Olympian and it's even better if you want to live the mountain lifestlye. Why? Because you can do a whole array of sports on any given day here and probably have more free time than if you are training for the Olympics :)

  If you would like to cheer on our local athletes here are their names plus the days and times they will be competing. The list of athletes comes from the SSWSC and the Olmpian sendoff.  Here is a link to the NBC Olympics schedule which is in Eastern Time.  Schedules are subject to change and we haven’t looked for secondary coverage so be sure to double check with the link above and search if you want to see more.

Nordic Combined - Including the Fletcher Brothers
Todd Lodwick - Steamboat Springs, SSWSC (His 6th Olympic Games)
Bryan Fletcher - Steamboat Springs, SSWSC   
Taylor Fletcher - Steamboat Springs, SSWSC
Billy DeMong – Vermont, Trained with SSWSC

Feb. 12
4:30 AM ET ( 6:30 AM MT)   Nordic Combined Individual Normal Hill- Ski Jumping
7:30 AM ET ( 9:30AM MT)   Nordic Combined individual Normal Hill- Cross Country  MEDAL EVENT

FEB. 18
4:30 AM ET (6:30AM MT)  Nordic Combined Individual Large Hill – Cross Country
7:00 AM ET (9:00AM MT)  Nordic Combined Individual Large Hill- Cross Country MEDAL EVENT

FEB. 20
3:00 AM ET (5:00AM MT)    Nordic Combined Team Large Hill- Ski Jumping
6:00 AM ET (8:00AM MT)    Norcic Combined Team Large Hill- Cross Country MEDAL EVENT    

SNOWBOARDING: HALFPIPE We have another team of siblings headed to Sochi! Arielle & Taylor Gold

Taylor Gold - Steamboat Springs, SSWSC
FEB. 10
8:00 PM ET REPLAY (10:00PM MT)    Men’s Halfpipe- Qualification

FEB. 11
1:00AM ET REPLAY (3:00AM MT)        Men’s Halfpipe- Semifinal
3:30AM ET REPLAY (5:30AM MT)        Men’s Halfpipe- Final  MEDAL EVENT
5:00AM ET (7:00AM MT)  Men’s Halfpipe- Qualification
10:00AM ET (12:00PM)    Men’s Halfpipe- Semifinal
12:30PM ET (2:30PM)      Men’s Halfpipe- Final  MEDAL EVENT

Arielle Gold - Steamboat Springs, SSWSC
FEB. 11
8:00PM ET (10:00PM MT)    Women’s Halfpipe Qualification

1:00AM ET (3:00AM MT)    Women’s Halfpipe Semifinal
3:30 AM ET (5:30AM MT)    Women’s Halfpipe Final  MEDAL EVENT
5:00AM ET  (7:00AM MT)    Women’s Halfpipe Qualification
10:00AM ET (12:00PM MT)    Women’s Halfpipe Semifinal
12:30PM ET (2:30PM MT)    Women’s Halfpipe Final  MEDAL EVENT

FEB. 6
9:00AM ET (11:00AM MT)    Women’s Moguls Qualification

9:00AM ET (11:00AM MT)    Women’s Moguls Qualification
1:00 PM ET (3:00PM MT)    Woment’s Moguls Finals MEDAL EVENT

FEB. 10
9:00AM ET (11:00AM MT)    Men’s Moguls Qualification
1:00PM ET (3:00PM MT)    Men’s Moguls Finals  MEDAL EVENT

Justin Reiter -  Steamboat Springs, SSWSC Snowboarding:  Parallel Slalom
FEB. 22
12:40AM ET (2:40AM MT)    Men’s Parallel Slalom Qualification
4:15AM ET (6:15AM MT)    Men’s Parallel Slalom Round of 16
5:28AM ET (7:28AM MT)    Men’s Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
5:52AM ET (7:52AM MT)    Men’s Parallel Slalom Semifinals
6:14AM ET (8:14AM MT)    Men’s Parallel Slalom Finals  MEDAL EVENT

Steamboat Trained International Olympians
Jarryd Hughes:  SSWSC  Team Australia- Snowboard Cross

Belle Brockhoff:  SSWSC  Team Australia:  Snowboard Cross

Richard Wilkes:  SSWSC Team Australia:  Alpine Snowboarder

Caroline Calve:  SSWSC  Team Canada- Alpine Snowboarder

Ester Ledecka:  SSWSC  Team Czech Republic- Alpine Snowboarder

Vic Wild:  SSWSC  Team Russian Fed.- Alpine Snowboarder


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