2014 Catamount Lake and Ranch Membership Options

Catamount Lake and Ranch

  I just wanted to let you know the Catamount membership offers for 2014. As you may know Catamount is a private club that has both a first class golf course / clubhouse and an amazing Private Lake facility with a clubhouse and lake that is amazingly calm. The lake also has amazing fishing above and below it in the private tailwaters. Many people join the lake just because it is some of the best Fly Fishing in Colorado.

The membership options are as follows,  Call or email me for the details:
 1.  Full Premier Membership with Golf & Lake privileges: Membership Deposit = $55,000.  
 2.  JUNIOR Full Premier membership (golf & lake privileges) for those under age 45: $10,000 down, remaining   $45,000 spread out over the next 4 years.  No club minimums until age 45.
 3.  Lake Membership: membership deposit = $10,000; ***this increases to $12,500 on June 1, 2014.***
Upgrade to golf membership 12-36 months after becoming Lake Member.  You will receive a double credit on initiation deposit (in other words, if you join Lake now, you get a $20,000 credit towards full golf membership).
Unlimited use of the golf practice facilities but no course/tee time privileges.

I have detailed info on Catamount, membership there and of course Catamount Real Estate options.  I have helped two people own in Catamount Lake in the last few months. Just let me know if you would like to know more.

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